Workout Strategies and Fit Habits

Do you enjoy doing your monthly Fit Snack workouts, but want to make them even more effective?

We love exploring new exercise strategies – it really helps to keep inspiration high and boredom low.

Let’s start with discussing strategies for Circuit training.  Blasting fat, building strength and full body sculpting can all be achieved with just a few adjustments to interval timing and exercise.

Our friends at Fitness Magazine, have done an excellent job breaking down these strategies. In summary,

  • Melting fat and firming muscles can be achieved by rotating between 1 minute of strength exercise and 1 minute of cardio.  You can do approx. Choose 5 strength exercises (pushups, squats etc.) and 5 cardio exercises (jumping jacks, high knees, butt kickers etc.). Complete the circuit 3 times! It’s that easy!
  • Sculpt all over by doing 6 strength exercises for 1 minute each. Don’t rest in between and complete the circuit 3 times.
  • Bust Boredom and blast calories by doing 5 minutes of low, medium and high intensity cardio. Rest for 10 seconds between each interval and complete the circuit two times.  To get really fancy, change your cardio options for the 2nd time through. Some of our favorite cardio options include: walking uphill, stairs, and jump roping.
  • Remember to respect your fitness level and adjust each of these exercises as best for you and your body.

Learn more and view detailed exercise examples at Fitness Magazine.

Now that your exercise game is on point, lets talk about habits.  The most important thing to success is making a habit out of it.  We love the way that Fit Girl’s Diary sums up the the list of Fit Girl Habits. Here are the top 5 and they apply to both Women and Men:

  1. Always workout on Mondays
  2. Always eat a healthy breakfast. Did you know breakfast is the first and best opportunity to get your greens and veggies?
  3. Workout 5 times a week, change it up with our circuit training recommendations above!
  4. Prioritize Proteins. We recommend whole food protein and supplementing with some of your favorite Fit Snack brands like SunFresh Proteins or Fizzique when your in a crunch for time!
  5. Start your day with water! A favorite water bottle or big glass pitcher infused with fruit or lemons keeps it refreshing!

To read up on all 25 Fit Girl Habits, visit Fit Girl’s Diary.

Don’t forget that fuel and nutrition are the most important part of your Fitness Journey.  After all, abs are made in the kitchen. When you don’t have quite enough time to cook, Fit Snack is here for you! Check out all of the goods in this month’s Fit Snack Box:

Fit Snack March 2018



4 epic reasons why adding Raw Bite size snacks to your diet is smart

4 epic reasons why adding Raw Bite size snacks to your diet is smart

Once we get re-connected to nature and the rawness of life, we remember that simplicity is often all we need.  We love featuring raw snacks in our box for just that reason. Adding raw snacks to your diet is smart, and we’ll give you 4 epic reasons why.  But first, we have to brag about our partner Raw Bite. They are a dope company, making unbelievably delicious Raw Bite Bars.  With simple organic ingredients and limited processing, founders Mortan, Nikolaj and Ralf have done it right.Raw Bite Coconut Bar and Ingredients

Common raw food recipes include mostly organic, uncooked, and unprocessed foods.  No matter what kind of diet you follow, including raw snacks is a sweet gesture that your body and tastebuds will thank you for.

Do you remember when you were a child, the first time your parents taught you to pick a wild berry off a tree?  The experience of picking it form nature, putting it into your mouth and tasting the sweetness and sourness of it.  That experience is one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts to enjoy as humans.

Adding Raw snacks to your diet allows you to slip back into that place anytime you want.  Raw snacks are filled with vibrant nutritious energy.  While many of the stable snacks we buy in vending machines are fried with grease and filled with preservatives.

4 reasons to add Raw Snacks to your diet:

  1. Homemade Raw snacks are easy and your kids will think your a chef (think cherries, pecan’s and dates)
  2. Packed with healthy fats that actually help you loose weight.
  3. Experience more mental clarity and decrease afternoon sluggishness
  4. Enjoy a variety of nutrients and enzymes improving your overall health
Raw Bite Fop

Raw Bite Founding Team

Thanks to the Raw Bite, we have a super easy option for on the go snacks that we can trust are healthy. If you have kids, you can feel proud about giving these snacks to your kids.  If you don’t have kids, you can enjoy them all to your self!

It’s just a bite.  Another important lesson to learn from the team at Raw Bite.  Sweet snacks do not have to consist of full double size candy bar to satisfy intense cravings.  Bite size snacking adds just the right amount of sweetness to your day.

Every time you eat, including snacks, is an opportunity to nourish your body.

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A purely perfect cup of joe

A purely perfect cup of joe

Coffee lovers commence! Why you ask? You deserve better and it’s here.

For avid coffee lovers, there may be days where one feels ‘guilty’ about enjoying their favorite cup of joe. Let’s face it, even the simplest daily habits can make or break us. If your coffee is not the quality your body needs then it will likely break you every time or most of the time. Either way as our friends at Purity Coffee have made a purely perfect cup of Joe and said, “It’s time for change. . .”

At Purity their team of scientists and coffee experts came together to make that change. After all the right coffee won’t break you, it may even help you live a longer and healthier life.  This depends of course on the quality of the coffee, your unique and individual body and the amount you consume.Fit Snack partner Purity makes a purely perfect cup of joe

When it comes to enjoying one to two cups a day, there is one reason why it is great to LOVE quality coffee!

Research provided by our favorite coffee partner Purity

According to the USDA in 2015

“Strong and consistent evidence shows that consumption of coffee within the moderate range is not associated with increased risk of major chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer and premature death in health adults.”

This debunks the myth, that coffee is “bad” for you – but – moderation is key, but wait there’s more! The quality of the coffee makes all the difference.

Lab results tell all:

Purity coffee enjoyed by friends

Purity coffee enjoyed by friends!

  • On average Purity contains 4X the antioxidants of the 12 leading organic coffee brands
  • Contains 2X the antioxidants of the leading performance coffee brands
  • High in antioxidants, yet free of the ‘bad’ stuff.
  • Smooth taste and you FEEL the difference
  • Coffee may limit risk and/or protect from Type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Parkinson’s Disease
  • Helps against depression and increase your happiness.

Not all coffee is created equal.  Coffee being the 2nd most traded commodity in the world, after oil, can be subject to harsh factors associated with mass production. Purity coffee maintains its health profile until it reaches your door.

This is why Fit Snack is over the moon for Purity Coffee.  They are dedicated to the science and sharing of the best brewed coffee that enhances the health and lives of people from all walks of life.

A must watch! Founders Andrew Salisbury and Jon Butcher breakdown their behind the scenes process behind making the worlds healthiest coffee! 

Interested in learning more?  The #1 mission at Purity is to educate their customers.  They have invested countless hours in developing a learning lab with everything from the farm, to the lab and ultimately brewing your perfect cup!

Fit Snack is proud to share Purity with you!


Making the world healthier one cup of coffee at a time.

Fit Snack’s Secret Weapon to Choosing Snacks!

Fit Snack’s Secret Weapon to Choosing Snacks!

Each day is filled with choices. Choices to wake up happy, grumpy or energized. Choices on how to eat your eggs, what snacks to enjoy throughout the day and where to go to lunch.  The choices go on and on. How about making decisions easier with the Fit Snack selection secret weapon.

Taking time to “decision make” all day long is exhausting.   Especially when it comes to ‘what type of companies, brands and products’ should receive your support or money.  I recently read an article that you can save mental energy and creativity by creating a formula to decision making.   The author of the article even went as far as to order the 2nd item on the menu, every time he want out to eat.  Just to save him from the evaluation process.

Being a Foodie at heart, I wouldn’t want to give up my restaurant menu exploration, though I wish I had a cure for my indecisiveness over ALL of the options that sound amazing and FOMO over choosing the wrong item. So I started thinking, if I were to create a formula for decision making, what is one thing that would make a choice easy?  The answer that comes to me, is consciousness.  By that I mean, how conscious is the company I am evaluating?  Do they care about our planet?  Do consider the full ecosystem of their industry, rather than just the bottom line?  Do they create products that I can feel proud to purchase?

At Fit Snack, we have a huge responsibility to choose products that you will not only enjoy eating, but are healthy and we can feel good about supporting the brands behind them.  That is why, looking for high conscious snack companies is one of our SECRET WEAPONS! Yes. It’s true, we look for amazing companies who are creating snacks in a high conscious way,  snacks we are proud to share with our subscribers.

AmaziNG Snack Companies Unite!

Which brings me to Amazi – one of the highest conscious brands we have ever featured in our box!

Amazi is a mindful food company whose mission is to inspire local agricultural value chains and catalyze economic growth through the sales of healthy products.

They are a part of a local organic farming network, through this network, they are able to source organic high quality fruit.  They then work with Ugandan partners and food scientists who hand slice and small batch roast their fruit to perfection. They then package everything to be enjoyed by their trusted customers (including our Fit Snack subscribers!).  A portion of their proceeds then goes back to expand farming network, cooperatives, farmer training, direct trade practices and support local communities.

Now you see why “high conscious company” has become a part of our selection process. It allows us to attract snack companies like Amazi – who are AMAZING!