Himalayan Pink Salt Veggie Sticks

Himalayan Pink Salt Veggie Sticks

Here’s an idea: Veggie Sticks with actual vegetables! These craveable crunchies are made from seven organic vegetables with organic olive oil and Himalayan pink salt.

Do your veggie sticks really have veggies? Lesser Evil takes the highest quality, plant-based ingredients to make a better veggie snack. They believe fewer, cleaner ingredients are better. Using no grains and healthier fats, they let real food shine. These veggie sticks are perfect for both families on-the-go and long, lazy movie nights.

  • USDA Organic, Non-GMO verified, Grain Free & Gluten Free
  • Certified Paleo, Vegan

Lesser Evil Story:

At LesserEvil our sincerest goal is to become a trusted and healthy part of your family’s daily life. We know we aren’t the only food company vying for a trusted position in your home so let me tell you a little about us.

We have our own snack factory where we control every ingredient, recipe and process. Every ingredient we use is the best one possible. All have purpose. Fewer is better than more. We’re based in Danbury, CT (halfway between New York City and Hartford, CT) and have been producing snacks in our own factory for the past 7 years. We provide about 80 jobs in our small city in our organic, Non-GMO verified, SQF Level 2 certified, sparkling clean factory of innovation and goodness.

The light bulb moment: Snacking as a vessel for mindful moments. The natural evolution of a belief system that has been unfolding for years now. Sourcing highest quality of sustainable ingredients to make best-in-class snacks for you to enjoy in your daily ritual.

To purchase, visit www.LesserEvil.com and use copon code FITSNACK20 for 20% off.

Why Bars

Why Bars

Ingredients so simple, your kids can read it!

Why Bars start with simple and wholesome ingredients that satisfy the body, the mind, and the spirit. We combine them to create a bar that’s packed with nutrition and full of flavor — truly the best tasting and most fulfilling energy bar on Earth! Our bars are ideal for busy families who are looking for healthier snacks to support their active lifestyles.

Why Not offer a healthy snack and provide grab and go options at your office, studio, and retail marketplace. Now you can offer your customers portable, quick and easy snacks that actually taste amazing. WHY BARS are naturally soy-free, dairy-free, preservative-free and made with raw, organic ingredients. Our bars are the perfect snack.

Ingredients:  gluten-free oats, tapioca syrup, almond butter, dried cherries (cherries, cane sugar, sunflower oil), organic coconut oil, organic chia seed