Who here loves Pasta?  I sure do, but let me tell you – it’s not easy to find or make healthy pasta dishes and pasta snacks.  Yes, I said Pasta Snacks.  First we are going to share some secrets to pasta that will work in any kitchen, including clean eating or paleo.

Enjoy 3 amazing veggie pasta ideas and our favorite bag of Pasta Chips!

  1. Pasta NoodlesSpaghetti Squash – simply cut in half, set upside down on an oiled pan and bake until the skin is soft (about 30 minutes).  Let cool and shred with a fork.  You can use it in any type of spaghetti marinara or pesto dish – yum!
  2. Eggplant – makes amazing layers for Lasagna! Along with zucchini ribbons.  Be sure to slice your eggplant and fry it for a few minutes on each side before making your layers.  Have fun with your veggie and cheese selection.
  3. Zucchini Noodles – if you don’t have a spiral slicer, you can cut your zucchini into long, thin pasta shape slices.   Toss noodles with a pinch of salt and let drain for 30 minutes before placing in a pot of boil water for 1 minute – BOOM! READY!


So we didn’t provide full recipes here intentionally.  When learning to turn traditional dishes into healthy dishes, this is also your chance to unlock your inner chef.  Imagine that this is your opportunity to play with spices, herbs and your favorite seasonal vegetables.  Give yourself the opportunity to make homemade pesto, marinara and bolognese.  Life is too short to stick to pre-made sauces and the same boring recipes.  Have fun in the kitchen, starting with your noodles then venture to sauces and toppings.  Don’t forget to shave Parmesan or a vegan substitute on top along with some fresh herbs and you are sure to impress your dinner guests!

Now that we have rFSPartner_November_PastaChips_twittereplaced our noodles with pasta, we can enjoy amazing Italian Pasta in our chips!?! After all, we wouldn’t be Fit Snack if I didn’t end this Italian inspired post with my favorite pasta snack.

Pasta Chips are made with semolina flour and Italian herbs. They’ve married this Tuscan inspired chip with different seasonings based on regional Italian favorites, steeped in hundreds of years of Italian culture and living. On top of this, they are baked (not fried), non-GMO and lower in calories than your normal chips. Don’t you agree it’s time to save the pasta for chips and enjoy a delicious veggie based dishes!