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Get Rollin’ on National Foam Rolling Day!

Foam rolling has become a popular tool among fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike, and for good reason. This simple yet effective practice can help improve your fitness, relieve muscle soreness and tension, and even reduce the risk of injury. So on this National...

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Happy National Fitness Day!

Here's a full-body workout routine that includes both strength and cardio exercises. Trainer Tip: Warming up with dynamic stretches allows you to break a sweat, and it also prevents injuries. Keep your core engaged for the best results. Be sure to stretch before and...

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Fit Snack | Fit Guide 4 2023

Hello, Fit Snacker, and Welcome to your Fit Snack Guide. Inside you'll find: Fitness Challenge Meditation & Mindfulness Vinyasa Yoga - All Levels Healthy Recipes What's in this month's Box? Here are some health tips and tricks for the month of April: Spring clean...

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Fit Snack’s Earth Month Recipe Challenge

Promoting Sustainable Food Choices and Supporting Local Agriculture In honor of Earth Month, Fit Snack is hosting a recipe challenge to promote sustainable food choices and support local agriculture. We want to encourage our followers to create a recipe using only...

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Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie

Blend your way to a delicious and nutritious snack or meal with this smoothie that checks all the right boxes. Creamy almond milk, protein-packed Greek yogurt, and fiber-rich oats and bananas come together in a symphony of goodness, while spinach and cinnamon bring in...

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