Hello Spring Fit Snacks are Sweet without the Sugar

Hello Spring Fit Snacks are Sweet without the Sugar

April Fit Snack box will cure all of your sweet tooth cravings and the best part is… with little to no sugar + nutrients your body actually needs! There’s a Peanut Butter Cookie (Dairy Free. Say what?), a Chocolate Celebration Protein Bar, a Marshmallow Crisp Treat and your bonus snack which is a surprise so we can’t spoil it. The rest of the box is packed with nutrient dense snacks that have endless health benefits including two Liver Health Protein Bars. Read on and find out exactly what the Spring Fit Snacks are all about.

Our Nutritionists goal with this box was to curb your sweet tooth cravings by giving you healthier sweets to snack on. This will allow you to cure your cravings and get snacks with major health benefits to maximize your results to meet your fitness and health goals.

“The thing about good food, healthy snacks and pure whole food ingredients is they support a healthy lifestyle. When you are discovering healthy snacks you are discovering how to reach your goals faster” – Fit Snack Nutritionist


No Cow Not 1, but 2 Peanut Butter Protein Cookies!


Hi protein. Bye sugar. Non-dairy protein, ridiculously low sugar and big taste. We’re all about good in, good out and living a life full of flavor.


Go freakin’ nuts. Creamy peanut butter and chunks of peanuts takes this cookie’s taste to the next level. And with 13g of protein, 1g of sugar, and no dairy, this cookie does a lot of heavy lifting at snack time.

Dairy Free • Gluten Free • Soy Free • Non GMO • Low in Sugar • High in Protein

DISCOUNT: 20% off Code: FitBoxNoCow EXPIRATION: 6/1/18 redeem at www.nocow.com

Join Fit Snack today Here’s a Sneak Peek at May:

Have fun in the Sun with a full size jar of SunButter. This peanut free and nut free snack has more vitamins and minerals than nut butter and is free of the top 8 allergens. It also has 7g protein! We have another blog coming on this delicious SunButter soon. Stay tuned!

Join today for your May Fit Snack box! Kick off your summer with the healthiest snacks.

Back to our Beautiful and Healthy April Fit Snacks!

Amsety Bars – Liver Health Bars Dark Chocolate Superstar & Peanut Butter Champion

Amsety Bar is the world ́s only nutrition bar designed to support liver health. Developed by leading US liver health experts.


Amsety Bars are Super 16 certified with all of the vitamins and minerals supporting a healthy liver.


No Refined Sugar • Gluten Free • Organic • Low Sodium • Super16

Discount Code: LIVERHEALTH5OFF ($5 off all orders) www.amsety.com


Hippeas Vegan White Cheddar – Organic Chickpea Puffs


We’re on a mission to shake up snacking, one chickpea puff at a time. Our five far-out flavors are vegan, gluten-free and like, totally delicious man. All we’re saying is: Give Peas A Chance.


Organic • Vegan • Baked Not Fried • Plant Protein • Clean Label • Gluten Free

DISCOUNT: 20% Coupon Link: http://ow.ly/7ntb30jhg47 Follow link to coupon on Amazon Discount: 20% Expiration: 6/1/2018 *no code required


Medi Weight Loss Chocolate Protein Bar + Marshmallow Rice Crisps!


A rare combination of delicious and nutritious, Medi-Weightloss Chocolate Celebration Delight Bars make you feel like you’re eating “bad” when you’re being so very good. Packed with chocolaty goodness, your mouth and tummy will celebrate.

Like the childhood favorite, the 100-calorie Medi-Weightloss Classic Marshmallow Crisp combines just the right amount of sweet, gooey marshmallow and delicate, airy crunch. Adding to all that perfection are 11 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber.

Only 100 calories • 10g Protein • 3g Sugar

DISCOUNT: 20% OFF CODE: FITMEDI EXPIRES: 06/01/18 redeem at shop.mediweightloss.com


Rise Buddy Baked Rice Snacks – PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA!


Healthy Junk Food – Rise Buddy are Gluten-Free baked brown rice chips. We’re crispy like “couch potato” chips, but oh so healthy; with flavors such as Sea Salt, BBQ, Pizza, and Sour Cream & Onion.


Gluten Free • Baked Not Fried • 0 grams Trans Fat

DISCOUNT: 16% OFF CODE: FITBUDDY EXPIRES: 06/01/18 redeem at https://amzn.to/2GEhKiL


Detox Organics Detoxifying Plant Based PowderChocolate Superfood 

Detox Organics is a chocolate superfoods like you’ve never tasted before. Organic, Vegan, Soy-Free, Diary-Free, Gluten Friendly. We believe health should be delicious!


Gluten Free • Low Carb • Baked



April Fit Snack box was curated specifically to curb a sweet tooth and satisfy every craving you might have. Join Fit Snack for the May box there’s so much more to come, we know you crave much more than just sweets and our Nutritionist knows what your body needs to get the results you want!

“It’s not about getting Fit for Summer it’s about getting Fit for Life” – The Fit Snack Sisters

We hope you enjoyed the April Fit Snack line up as much as we enjoyed curating this box for you!

Field Trip Jerky – Not Just For Kids

Field Trip Jerky – Not Just For Kids

Field Trip Jerky is a new jerky brand that will make you feel like a kid again. This craft jerky brand, providing healthy and protein rich fuel for your body and mind, is quickly becoming a Fit Snack favorite.Image of Fit Snack box for February 2017. Shows products, weights and people working out in background.

Based out of Brooklyn, NY Field Trip Jerky “saw the need for healthier protein-rich snacks that didn’t sacrifice quality and taste.” The founders, who were inspired to set off on their jerky journey while on a ski trip in Vermont, have achieved that and much, much more.

We love the great tasting, all natural ingredients the jerky connoisseurs at Field Trip Jerky have cooked up. The antithesis to “junk food jerky” found in gas stations packed with sodium nitrates, preservatives, and gluten, the team at Field Trip Jerky has provided a revolutionary jerky that is anything BUT ordinary.

The health benefits of Field Trip Jerky make it the perfect snack for all the adventures that lie ahead:
  • Dried and seasoned with all natural ingredients. “A traditional cut of jerky, done right.”
  • Higher protein per ounce, less sodium, and less sugar.
  • Made with gluten free reduced sodium soy sauce. All products contain less than 5 ppm of wheat.

Catering to the protein preferences of jerky fans everywhere, Field Trip Jerky offers beef jerky, turkey jerky, and pork jerky. With flavors like original, cracked pepper, maple BBQ, teriyaki, sweet and spicy and toasted sesame, your taste buds will thank you.

Field Trip Jerky will make you want to go explore, live more adventurously and push your body and mind to new limits. The team at Field Trip Jerky will support your nutritional needs with a high quality, great tasting jerky snack for all the journeys that lie ahead. Explaining to your boss about the dramatic rise in sick days…well, that one’s up to you.

Here are five field trip ideas to go along with your tasty Field Trip Jerky:
  1. Snowshoeing
  2. Trail Running
  3. Paddle Boarding
  4. Camping
  5. Flash Mob Dancing
Rose Muniz Founder Jumping Holding Field Trip Jerky Stick

Fit Snack Founder Rose Muniz jumps for joy and Field Trip Jerky.

Grab a bag of Field Trip Jerky to share with friends, or an easy to carry, on the go stick for faster consumption.

References: http://fieldtripjerky.com/

Core Workout from your Fit Snack Trainer

Core Workout from your Fit Snack Trainer

Do you have back pain or feel weakness in our lower abdomen? Is it hard for you to sit up straight for long without slouching? We have the workout just for you.

When you think of core work, an image of 6 pack abs might pop into your mind. When our trainer thinks of core she imagines chiseled #tanktop shoulders, a strong back and finally tight abs! This sets you up not only to look great, but to feel tight and strong from front to back.

Back pain is the leading cause of pain worldwide, which is exactly why we wanted to share this full CORE workout. Normally, when we think of our core, people think of having abs and how they look in the mirror. However, if you’re ignoring the back of your body and then you likely have some muscle imbalances and need to balance them out.

Here is what your Fit Snack Personal Trainer has to say:

First, “Engage” your core.

Here’s my first tip (I teach all of my clients): Engage your core – lying flat on the ground, pretend there is a string pulling your belly button to your spine. Inhale and expand your stomach then Exhale let all of the air out and squeeze feel your belly button go deeper towards your spine.

Here’s your workout! It can be done if you are at any fitness level, it includes modifications to give you, your perfect challenge. If you’re a beginner then you need this foundation and if you’re an advanced athlete we’ve included modifications for the best results. What you put in is exactly what you get out of it. Keep in mind if you have pain that feels like an injury you need to rest and contact a doctor first. If you have pain in the sense that your muscles are burning and sweat is dripping into your eyes, then good for you, you’ve entered #beastmode!

Last tip: Keep your core tight during this entire workout. The first exercise will fully engage your abs.

Welcome to your Core Sculpt Routine, let’s build your back and abs!

Perform 20 – 50 Reps of each exercise

Trainer recommends: 20 for Beginners & 50 for Advanced

Reverse Crunches – Lying on the ground, arms down to your sides, bend at the knees with your heels touching the ground and feet flexed. Keep your spine glued to the floor the entire movement (Key here: pretend someone is trying to push a pencil between your back and the ground. NO space, keep it pressed tightly to the ground and feel your abs engage!). Now lift both feet bringing your knees in towards your chest. Lift and lower that’s 1!

Beginner – Start by slowly lifting and lowering 1 foot at a time. Keep your feel flexed (see below).

Advanced – Extend both legs out with a slight bend in the knees. Lift and lower while keeping every vertebrae in your spine glued to the ground. Make sure not even a pencil could get through.


Hip Thrusters – Same lying position, arms down at your sides and bent knees. Keep your feet flat on the ground the entire time. Engage your core and lift your hips off of the ground, pause at the top then slowly bring your hips down to the ground. Hips up and squeeze your glutes (bum) at the top, release and slowly lower butt to the ground.

Beginner – Lift and lower your hips slowly without pausing at the top.

Advanced – Lift 1 leg reaching your toe to the sky then lift with 1 leg!


Mountain Climbers ‘High Hips’ – Start in plank position jump your Rt foot to your Rt hand. Now left foot to left hand. Bring your hips as high as they can go then switch, that’s 1!

Beginner –  Be sure not to drag your feet on the ground. The Key here is to: Lift each foot as you jump to that hand. Rt foot to Rt hand, then Lft foot to left hand.

Advanced – Bring hips as high as you can. You may be able to get to where your neck, shoulders and wrists are stacked almost in a hand stand when you jump. Feel it in your shoulders here and keep a tight core.


Push Ups – Start with your hands on the ground wrists below your shoulders. Push up then slowly lower down until your chest is 1 inch from the ground.

Beginner – Start with your knees on the ground. Keep your body as straight as possible, if that’s to difficult then raise your hips for an easier push up.

Advanced – You can lift 1 leg. If that’s to easy then add a clap in between each push up! Try doing both for a fun challenge.


Downward Dog Push Ups – In the downward dog position slightly bend your elbows and lower your head until you’re 1 inch from the floor (keep your spine straight). Basically a mini push up with your hips high in the air.

Beginner – Warm up before this movement with a push up on your knees then raise your hips high and slowly ease into the movement. Slow and controlled.

Advanced – Place your feet on a bench, hands on the ground about 1 foot from the bench to keep your body at a 45 degree angle with hips high.


Supermans for Lower Back – Lying on the ground with your face to the floor, extend your arms straight in front of you. Lift your chest off of the ground – keeping your feet on the ground – as your chest comes off the ground bring your arms bent to your sides. This move looks like overhead press only you are lying on your stomach.

Beginner – Keep your feet on the ground and start with a slight stretch to warm up. Lying on your stomach, slowly lift your chest and press your hands into the ground for a good pre stretch.

Advanced – Lift your chest and as you perform your lying shoulder press squeeze your shoulder blades together.


Rear Donkey Kicks – On all fours bring your knee to your chest, then raise your heel to the sky and pause then lower. The entire movement keep your leg at a 45 degree angle (perfect bend). When you raise your leg, squeeze your glutes (bum muscles). Perform all reps on 1 leg at a time.

Beginner – Skip the pause, bring heel to the sky then lower. Keep the motion slow and controlled.

Advanced – With each rep squeeze your glutes at the top and pulse for 5 seconds then lower. Keep your glutes tight and your core tight through the entire motion.

Remember: If you want RESULTS it’s all about doing it right not fast! It’s NOT a race, it’s all in the details. In this case, your form.

Subscribe now for $5 off and ask your Fit Snack trainer for fitness tips or help along the way. 

Email anita@fitsnack.com for Fitness help

Comment below with your requests for what you would like to see next? Another workout? A video? Healthy Recipe?




Baseball Season! No better time to enjoy the #BestSeedsEver

Baseball Season! No better time to enjoy the #BestSeedsEver

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Sunflower seeds are the most convenient superfood you can have and let’s be honest, they’re super tasty. Imagine, you can eat sunflower seeds any time any place…especially at a baseball game.

Today so many people who once enjoyed their salty seeds have to worry about high cholesterol and a lower sodium diet. Well worry no more, we’ve found the best sunflower seeds around.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_text_separator title=”Why are they the best you ask . . . ” title_align=”separator_align_center” color=”grey”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Chinook is here to change the game that and our whole perspective on these little superfood snacks! They created a beautifully hand – crafted seed with the perfect amount of flavor and only a pinch of salt. I personally never ate sunflower seeds much because they were too salty. It’s safe to say these seeds will make anyone happy, if you like sunflower seeds you’ll LOVE these.

No MSG’s or artificial ingredients or GMO’s. With all natural ingredients they manage to grow seeds 30% larger than the next closest brands.

So sit back, grab a handful and enjoy baseball season with the #BestSeedsEver[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]