Queen Quinoa! Fill your belly with Goddess Food

Queen Quinoa! Fill your belly with Goddess Food

Fellow Gods and Goddesses, Quinoa is a super grain that will change your life if you are not already a fan!

I’ll Start By Telling You a Story…

Zaramama the Incan Goddess of Grain wearing topless a beautiful yellow skirt representing grain

Zaramama is the Inca Goddess of Grain

In ancient times, Incan Queens were responsible for agriculture in their societies.  Agriculture and weaving were two key factors in the lives of the Inca.  You may be asking yourself “woman in charge of agriculture, but why?” 

The answer is because women were “associated with the selection of seeds,” due to the fact that “cosmologically…women and the goddesses are forces of fertility” (Silverblatt 44).

So how does this relate to Quinoa?  The Incan diet used this amazing ancient grain as a primary source of nutrition. It was the
Gold of the Inca’s” as they believed that it increased the stamina of their Warriors.  Incan Queens were responsible for selecting the very best seeds that would be grown by the women of their society.  The Queen was honored to conduct seed selection and prided herself on this duty.  Once seeds were selected, the upper class women of society took fine care of growing the crops.

Imagine living in a day where every single process of your nutrition was held in the highest regard by the highest members of society. Imagine eating quinoa grown for the approval of Zaramama, the Goddess of Grain.

Founder of Keen One Quinoa Christopher Algea with horse

Christopher Algea, Founder of Keen One Quinoa

Now Let’s Fast Forward to Today

Meet Christopher Algea.  He developed the idea for a company called Keen One Quinoa while in College in Boulder Colorado. After College he went to work and launched his company. Their mission is to promote creative meals, use sustainable ingredients and source organic, fair trade quinoa, benefiting cooperatives in the Highlands of the Andes Mountains.

A few college buddies worked with Christopher start the company by developing Quinoa products in a commercial kitchen and taking them to farmers markets.  Today, they have created heat and serve cups that make eating this amazing ancient grain delicious, easy, convenient and ready in 5 minutes! Zaramama, the Inca Goddess of Grain must be dancing in the clouds celebrating the beautiful company. Keen One Quinoa.

No doubt, we were lucky to partner with Keen One Quinoa featuring their Quinoa Cup in our January Fit Snack box.  What a treat!

Quinoa Health Benefits

In conclusion, enjoy 5 reasons why Quinoa is good for you and fit for a Queen:

  1. One of the highest protein grains you can eat
  2. High in fiber
  3. Non GMO & Gluten free (as it’s usually grown organically)
  4. High in important minerals like iron and magnesium
  5. May help in weight loss!
Keen One Quinoa featured in January Fit Snack Subscription Box 2017

Keen One Quinoa Cups were a perfect snack in our January 2017 Box!