This blog post was written by our partners, Enerchi Bites! We love them and hope you will too.- Fit Snack

Enerchi Bites is re-defining the energy bar. How often to you actually eat the whole bar?

Twin sisters, and co-founding duo, Annie and Marla, solved the problem of having to break off a piece and made it easy for you to have a couple bites and or share with a friend.

They also only the added good stuff to their products–superfoods like chia seeds and hemp seed protein, and real-food ingredients like organic unsulphured apple rings and sunflower seeds. Each ingredient adds value to the nutritional and taste profile.

Enerchi bites are free of soy, dairy, and nuts! All the bites are soft and chewable (imagine cookie dough texture) so they are kid-friendly and pre-molar teeth friendly. Now, you don’t have to hesitate to give them to your kids or include them in their school lunch boxes. Enerchi bites are the perfect mid-day snack, giving you not just an opportunity to re-fuel your body, but to also re-fuel your mind. Their zen logo represents the symbol of chi.

It symbolizes and reminds you to take a breath, and a moment to yourself to reflect, munch mindfully, and then voila, the chi, also known as, “vital energy” will flow through you with less effort, and more ease.