Once we get re-connected to nature and the rawness of life, we remember that simplicity is often all we need.  We love featuring raw snacks in our box for just that reason. Adding raw snacks to your diet is smart, and we’ll give you 4 epic reasons why.  But first, we have to brag about our partner Raw Bite. They are a dope company, making unbelievably delicious Raw Bite Bars.  With simple organic ingredients and limited processing, founders Mortan, Nikolaj and Ralf have done it right.Raw Bite Coconut Bar and Ingredients

Common raw food recipes include mostly organic, uncooked, and unprocessed foods.  No matter what kind of diet you follow, including raw snacks is a sweet gesture that your body and tastebuds will thank you for.

Do you remember when you were a child, the first time your parents taught you to pick a wild berry off a tree?  The experience of picking it form nature, putting it into your mouth and tasting the sweetness and sourness of it.  That experience is one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts to enjoy as humans.

Adding Raw snacks to your diet allows you to slip back into that place anytime you want.  Raw snacks are filled with vibrant nutritious energy.  While many of the stable snacks we buy in vending machines are fried with grease and filled with preservatives.

4 reasons to add Raw Snacks to your diet:

  1. Homemade Raw snacks are easy and your kids will think your a chef (think cherries, pecan’s and dates)
  2. Packed with healthy fats that actually help you loose weight.
  3. Experience more mental clarity and decrease afternoon sluggishness
  4. Enjoy a variety of nutrients and enzymes improving your overall health
Raw Bite Fop

Raw Bite Founding Team

Thanks to the Raw Bite, we have a super easy option for on the go snacks that we can trust are healthy. If you have kids, you can feel proud about giving these snacks to your kids.  If you don’t have kids, you can enjoy them all to your self!

It’s just a bite.  Another important lesson to learn from the team at Raw Bite.  Sweet snacks do not have to consist of full double size candy bar to satisfy intense cravings.  Bite size snacking adds just the right amount of sweetness to your day.

Every time you eat, including snacks, is an opportunity to nourish your body.

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