Munchy Crunchy | Salted Caramel

Munchy Crunchy | Salted Caramel

Feeling Munchy? Get Crunchy!

Because snacking has become an integral part of the lives of more and more people, in 2020 we created Munchy Crunchy Protein® Snacks. Using whole, real food and simple, clean, non-GMO ingredients to deliver uber-nutrition – 16g protein and 7g fiber, 4 net carbs and lower calories per serving – we have made an easy way for all people to get healthy, plant-based snacks that truly satisfies the hunger.

Munchy Crunchy Protein snacks hit all major trends – 100% plant protein (Certified Vegan), gluten free, nut free and keto-friendly. Offering healthy protein for everyone, they also make it easier to move towards a more plant-based life. The snacks come in single-serve packets and are made with few, natural ingredients to create a nutritious snack in 3 awesomely delicious flavors and with the crunch people crave! And, they make a great meal add-in or topper for soups, salads, stir fries, hot cereals, yogurt and more!

The Vegetarian Traveler approach is based on a belief that life is a journey fueled with compassion. They believe that a steady and thoughtful commitment to education and outreach are the best way to effect positive changes. Small steps in a better direction can, indeed, trigger a mighty sea change. As change agents, our efforts revolve around promoting nutritional and societal health. Vegetarian Traveler is a certified woman-owned business.


“We are committed to providing you with a 100% Plant-Based Protein snack with the most protein, simple GMO-free ingredients, and all keto-friendly with great flavors and CRUNCH you love!”

-Munchy Crunchy

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel is a delicious combination of sweet and salty. The smooth caramel taste ends with a delightful savory accent providing the perfect balance of flavors. Great snack to meet the demands for a sweet snack!

Munchy Crunchy Flavors

  • Our Rockin’ Ranch has a smooth & savory ranch dressing flavor, with onion, garlic, tomato and spices. A perfect crunchy snack for those preferring a savory snack.
  • Chillin’ Chipotle is full of flavor. Earthy with a touch of smoke and mild spiciness, with garlic, onion, paprika and tomato to round out the rich chipotle taste. Perfect for those wanting a mildly spicy snack.

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Fit Snack | May 2021

Real Food From the Ground Up | Cauliflower Sea Salt Stalks

No Puffs about it- these cauliflower stalks have the lightest, crunchiest big flavor payoff. What snack dreams are made of!

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Bakery On Main | Sprouted Blueberry Flax

Combining the delicious flavors of organic flax seed and real blueberries, this granola is perfect for sprinkling over yogurt or in a bowl of milk for a wholesome breakfast.

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Bakery On Main | Cranberry Almond Maple Crunchy Clusters

Our premium, gluten-free granola is made with navy bean crisps, ancient grains, and real fruits and nuts! Perfect for breakfast or a snack on-the-go!

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Bakery On Main | Organic Oat and Honey Granola Bars

Combining the delicous flavors of organic oats and honey, these soft and chewy granola bars are perfect for snacking.

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Three Farmers | Barbecue Roasted Lentils

A big bank in a small pulse- packed with 12g of Plant Proten and Bursting with flavour!

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Ultima Replenisher | Cherry Pomegranate Flavor

Ultima Replenisher is clean hydration with all 6 electrolytes, support minerals, amde with plant-based colors & flavors, sweetened with organic stevia leaf, and has no sugar, carbs or artificial ingredients.

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Munchy Crunchy | Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel is our favorite combination of sweet and salty. The smooth caramel taste ends with a delightful savory accent providing the perfect balance of flavors. Grat snack yo meet the demands of a sweet snack!

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Bakery On Main Granola

Bakery On Main Granola

Bakery on main has been dedicated to providing celiac safe whole grains and superfoods that are nothing short of delicious! To think it all started in a bakery of a natural foods market, To now creating numerous gluten free foods that can help you lead a healthy, happy lifestyle.  Bakery on Main is a 3rd party certified, ensuring that every product made is certified gluten free and non-GMO project verified- so you can enjoy these celiac safe-friendly breakfast and snack foods.  


Sprouted blueberry flax granola:   this crunchy cluster combines the delicious flavors of organic flax seed and real blueberries to create the perfect topping for yogurt or even into a bowl of milk for a wholesome breakfast. 

Grain free chocolate : This energizing grain free granola has brought us flavorful chocolate, nuts, and seeds with premium honey and maple syrup, creating a delectable snack. Let’s not forget the powerful MCT oil they have added in here too!   

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt: decadent gluten-free clusters are packedwith beneficial nutrients and powerful ancient grains. Combining the deliciously sweet and salty flavors of chocolate and sea salt, these clusters are perfect for snacking on the go or sprinkling into a bowl of milk for a wholesome breakfast.

Hydration for Every Body

Hydration for Every Body

Good for every lifestyle. Keto, Paleo, Vegan, athletes, travelers, gluten-free, Non-GMO, party people. Great for kiddos, active teens, lactating moms, families, athletes, diabetics, everyone!

Electrolytes without the sugar. Super delicious and supports optimal hydration with 6 electrolytes and trace minerals. Powder hydration drink mix. Dissolve 1 scoop or 1 Stickpack in 16 fl oz. of water.

Ultima supports hydration so you can feel and perform your best. Great for rehydrating and replenishing electrolytes lost from activity and sweat.

Hydrating with electrolytes helps with preventing cramps, to help your body perform optimally.

Clean electrolyte powder. Ultima is sweetened with organic stevia leaf and made with real fruit flavor extracts that taste delicious.Vegan

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Caffeine-Free
  • Keto-Friendly
  • Paleo-Friendly
  • Sweetened with organic Stevia leaf
  • Plant-based extract colors
  • Real fruit extract flavors
  • Peanut-Free
  • Soy-Free

Hydrate Better, Feel Better.

Great for rehydrating and replacing electrolytes lost during activity, travel and hangovers. Helps to reduce likelihood of cramping from exercise. Helps your body perform optimally.

Simple and Delicious.

Simple and super for on-the-go. Add powder to water. Shake or stir. Sip. Smile. 🙂 Tastes great, and you feel great.

Electrolytes without the sugar.

Ultima contains no sugar, no calories. Clean ingredients. Sweetened with organic stevia leaf and made with real fruit flavors for an amazing taste and ultimate hydration.

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Brami Lupini Beans

Brami Lupini Beans

Italian Snacking Lupini Beans | Sea Salt and Vinegar

This ancient legume once fueled Roman warriors and was lived on as a fresh snack in the Mediterranean. This Roman super snack has been reimagined and is marinated in savory seasonings, and packed fresh out of the barrel.

Lupini Beans are naturally high in plant protein. Packing 50% more protein than chickpeas, Lupini beans are the perfect go-to for modern-day snacking. Bring them to the office, in your bag, or on a hike to stay supercharged with wholesome savory goodness.

There’s no wrong way to eat BRAMI Beans. You can toss them into your salad for a great crunch or even in your stir-fries. The possibilities are endless with these versatile beans! 

“Changing your life, one bean at a time!”

Keto Friendly 

Zero grams of net carbs per serving! The only beans virtually starch-free, the lupini bean carb structure is dominated by prebiotic fiber

Paleo Friendly

BRAMI beans are sprouted for 10 days, removing any naturally occurring antinutrients.

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Real Snacks Jalapeno Cranberry Beef Stick

Real Snacks Jalapeno Cranberry Beef Stick


Real Snacks provide clean, delicious, healthy and accessible protein at a price you can afford.  

Jalapeno Cranberry Beef Stick

7 Grams of Protein Free of Nitrates, Gluten, Soy Keto and Paleo Friendly 100% Kosher Angus Beef  


Real Snacks only uses 100% USA beef, blended with Real ingredients. They’ll never use fillers, chemicals, or artificial curing agents. You’ll find a lot of these things in other snacks. Don’t compromise on the quality of your snacks!


You’ve heard all the buzzwords. Here’s why they’re important. Real Beef (100% Angus) delivers high quality protein that’s easily integrated in your body. They don’t add any sugar, and their products are all Low Calorie, so that you can indulge without guilt. And their Kosher certification allows them to prove, without a doubt, that their cleanliness stands up to the highest standards.



“No Bullshit.We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with clean, delicious, healthy, and accessible protein. At a price you can afford, and with branding that makes you proud to buy. We work hard to maintain the highest quality standards. Product comes first for us, and great just isn’t good enough for Real Snacks”

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