Do you have unhealthy snack foods in your pantry that you’re struggling to give up? If so, you’re not alone. Cutting out junk food snacking is a seriously hard habit to kick.

Plus, when it comes to junk food, we all have a different Achilles heel. At the top of the list for many people are good old-fashioned potato chips.

However, underneath taste bud tantalizing flavors in fun to eat shapes and sizes, potato chips present some serious problems to your health. The negative health effects of potato chips include:

  • Weight gain – a study of over 100,000 participants found that potato chips caused more weight gain than sugar-sweetened beverages.
  • High in sodium– sodium consumption makes bodies retain water, burdening heart and blood vessels.
  • Empty calories – when you’re body is not satiated by the foods you eat, you tend to overeat, missing out on crucial nutrients.

But have no fear fellow snackers. Healthy “junk” food options do exist!

Rise Buddy to the rescue!

Rise Buddy Logo

A game changer in the healthy snacking revolution, Rise Buddy is featured in Fit Snacks March box. Great tasting, healthy and familiar in all the right ways, Rise Buddy is here to replace that unhealthy potato chip habit.

“Rise Buddy is the “new chip” off the old block. We taste just like the couch potato chip, but we’re Gluten Free, Trans-fat Free and best of all made from “whole grain” brown rice. That means families all snack smart.”

Rise Buddy Baked Rice Snacks bags

Rise Buddy is the amazing, 100% whole grain brown rice snack…and that means guilt free snacking.

The folks at Rise Buddy bring a family-focused mission to snacking. “We should be offering more healthy alternatives to our families. Rise Buddy is a snack targeted to disrupt the junk food market; by introducing an alternative and better snack.” We couldn’t agree more!

Rise Buddy is even Smart Snack approved, which means it exceeds all USDA’s nutritional standards for schoolchildren.

Goodbye potato chips. Hello Rise Buddy!

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