We all know that protein supplements are a great way to build muscle, but let’s be honest– the taste is often bitter and a bit bleh. Enter Emerald Essentials’ amazing Action Whey Protein Bars. These bars are a far cry from the chemical and sugar loaded protein bars of the past. What makes them different? Read on to see why we’re so excited to include them in Fit Snack! 


1.) All Natural: 

  • No pesticides, no Chemicals, no GMO’s and no Hormones (rBGH) = No worries! 

2.)  Not a Candy Bar:

  • No added sugars, sugar alcohols, or artifical sweeteners (Your dentist would approve!) 
3.) Premium Whey Protein from Grassfed Cows: 
  • Healthy, happy cows=quality whey 

4.) Boosts Your Immune System:

  • BioCysteine3® works with the Action Whey to boost  your bod’s immune system and antioxidant production
5.) Yummy Peanut Butter Taste 
  • Grassfed cows produce whey that actually tastes good! 

Check out how Action Whey Protein Bars stand out from the competition:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.53.41 AM