This delicious all natural, gluten free, high performance energy bar is the true breakfast bar of champions! This bar has it all. When we learned it was developed by elite athletes we had expected nothing less than perfection and Arrow Bar delivered. Now here is an energy bar you can count on packed with nutrients from ingredients you will recognize and the perfect taste!
Chocolate chips and oatmeal are a match made in heaven. Trust us, add a few chips to your next bowl of oats and it’ll be hard to go back to plain.
Hence our excitement at finding Chocolate Chip ArrowBars – an all natural energy bar made with chocolate chips and oatmeal! These delicious, gluten free bars provide clean energy to fuel whatever sport you play–without an annoying sugar crash.
Even more awesome is the fact that each of the nine ingredients is recognizable, so no weird chemical flavors or additives!
ArrowBars are totally perfect for a pre or post workout energy boost. If you check out their Instagram @arrowbar you’ll see all of the pros who love having these bars on hand. We know we do! This summer we have had some amazing Fit Snack adventures from camping to hiking to mountain biking and we have enjoyed every last bite.
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Arrow Bar saved the day, while we were trail running Mesa Trail in Boulder, Co
“Life is a sport, are you playing?”
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