Summer time and the snacks to go with it. Time to discover new adventures, get outside and take a deep breath of that fresh summer air. Discover the new and healthy snacks that make you feel better with every bite. Packed with protein, low in sugar and high in flavor. When cravings strike, whether they are sweet, salty, savory or other, we’ve got you covered. Welcome to the box that looks outside of the box for the best of the best snacks. We believe every junk food craving you have can be 100% satisfied with a healthy alternative. I know what you’re thinking, “a healthy alternative means it doesn’t taste the same, it will taste healthy (which does not always have the best rap). It’s good if you think that because you are in for a flavor filled surprise. If you were thinking that, guess what? You are right. Yes I said it! You’re right, a nutrition bar won’t taste the same as your typical gas station, grab-and-go nutrition bar. It will taste BETTER.

Why will it taste better you ask?

This is where our Nutritionist comes in. Finding the best tasting snacks is her territory. She knows and understands what whole food ingredients can come together to capture that exact feeling to satisfy every tastebud.

When you eat whole food based snacks suddenly snacking tastes well fresher, better. This means the ingredients are fresh and better and for your body it means you feel better and better. Remember you are what you eat. We believe that and you should to because it’s true.

SunButter A Full Size Jar

SunButter makes delicious US grown sunflower butter, free of the top eight food allergens, that’s great for the whole family.

Herbaland Varitey Pack of Vegan Protein packed Gummies

Herbaland Vegan Protein Gummies are an easy and delicious snack. Each serving has 10g of protein, 28g fiber and only 1g of sugar!

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Soloman Baking Company Millet | Flax Pita Chips

Soloman’s Baking Co has perfected our latest innovation of Millet and Flax Pita Chips that tastes amazing with half the calories and twice the flavor of other lead brand chips

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Zone Perfect Three high protein, chocolate bars

Snacking on the go has never been this easy (or this delicious, for that matter.) High in protein, rich in vitamins & minerals, and in flavors you won’t want to resist. Enjoy a chocolate peanut butter protein bar on the go or at home either this bar is packed full of nutrients to get you through your day.

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Chomps Be the first to taste their new Original Turkey Stick!

Original Beef: 100% grass-fed beef stick that has 9g protein and no GMOs, added sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, or hidden nasties.

Introducing the new Chomps Original Turkey Stick

100% free-range turkey stick that has 10g protein and no added sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, or hidden nasties.

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Fit Snack Partners

We work with companies that are straight forward and upfront. Their ingredients are simple and easy to understand and pick apart because every snack is made with whole foods and is lightly processed. Every company we work with creates their snacks with a great deal of integrity and thought. These snacks were inspired by the conscious consumer, by the people who created them and by you!

“We need to hold the highest standard for healthy snacking because life is busy and we need high quality nutrition to keep us going strong. But and this is a BIG But, does it have to taste good? YES! Does it need to mean we restrict ourselves from great flavor. Never!”
  • The Fit Snack Sisters, Rose Muniz & Anita Muniz

Eat ice cream and live your life!

Yes we said it. You can make Freezinda at home, just add a little protein powder and poof. We encourage you to enjoy an ice cream packed protein Sunday.

Have fun with your snacks. Drizzle some melted Cacao flakes with ghee and chia seeds add Monk fruit sweetener to the mix. Then sprinkle on some Coconut shavings to go with your chocolate sauce and eat up.

Freezinda Ice Cream packed with Protein! Dreams do come true.

Make the highest protein frozen dessert ever with FREEZINda™. Use your own whey protein powder and prepare easily at home!

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Yes we are a healthy snack and fitness box. Our goal is happiness and snacking bliss because after all food makes people happy. There’s no shame in that. Guilt free snacking and mindful snacking are the key to bringing balance back to the fit lifestyle.

What better time to eat your best, workout and feel your best than today?

The Fit Snack box is curated to fuel your body from the inside out. The workouts in the box challenge you, strengthening your body and mind. If there is one thing our team knows it’s that there’s no time like the present to squash your goals. Our May Fit Snack box covers your sweet tooth cravings, your salty or savory cravings and will keep you satisfied. We never stop there, Fit Snack is here to help you live your best life. This means the box is designed to motivate you and teach you every month. “What will I learn?” you ask. You will learn new workouts from a professional Personal Trainer. Our Fit Snack trainer is an athlete herself. You will also learn how to choose the healthiest snacks on the market. The insert card is filled with discounts and nutritional information on the latest and greatest snacks.

Sign up today and much on some healthy, but delicious snacks!