Ultima : Nutritious and Delicious Hydration

Ultima : Nutritious and Delicious Hydration

If you really want to rise and shine hydrate first thing in the morning for these major benefits!

Electrolytes in the am.

Wake up and drink 8oz of water and 8oz of a hydration drink. By starting your day with hydration you are ensuring healthy blood flow and the release of toxins from your system. Drinking water in the morning prevents toxic build up such as kidney stones and protects you from color or bladder infections.

Timing is everything. Hydrating in the morning wakes up your digestion system for a healthy lower bowls and regularity. Water in the morning will do two things that directly impact your physical and mental performance.

1. Stimulates rapid growth of red blood cells.

2. Generates more O2 in your blood, literally giving you life! Energy! Oxygen is life to cells and helps to fight free radicals

3. Stabilizes blood sugar levels

Water in the morning can boost your metabolic rate.

Hydrating in the morning will only get you to your fitness goals faster. First thing in the morning rev your metabolism engine with your hydration drink. Studies have shown by drinking water on an empty stomach you can improve your metabolic rate. An increased metabolic rate also means improved digestion.

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Bob’s Red Mill is Raising the Bar one Fit Snack at a time

Bob’s Red Mill is Raising the Bar one Fit Snack at a time

Making a difference by raising the bar! 

Employee owned, Bob’s Red Mill was founded by a true leader.

Bob Moore founded Bob’s Red Mill 40 years ago with the mission of bringing people back to basics with nutritious whole grains and minimally processed foods. Since then, the company has expanded greatly—due in large part to Bob’s vision and incredible work ethic—but it hasn’t strayed from that core mission. Bob continues to be an inspirational leader to the company’s employee-owners, customers and the community. In the relatively short time since he founded Bob’s Red Mill, Bob has built a legacy that includes the respected company, the Employee Stock Ownership Plan, and generous contributions to nutrition research at Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon State University, National University of Natural Medicine and George Fox University.

When Bob founded the company in 1979, with stone ground whole wheat flour and a handful of other goods, he couldn’t have imagined the expansive and diverse product selection the company offers today. Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods is a leader in nutritious, organic and gluten free foods, and its mission to promote “whole grains for every meal of the day” is backed by a diverse line featuring over 400 products, including whole grains, flours, cereals, baking mixes, protein powders, seeds and more. Bob’s focus on bringing whole grains to the table and beyond has fueled their recent expansion into the grab and go market. In addition to the gluten free and organic oatmeal cups, the company debuted muesli cups and five flavors of Bob’s Better Bars, a wholesome snack made from whole grain oats, peanut butter and organic honey.

PB Coconut & Oats | PB Chocolate & Oats
Chocolate Rich and satisfying, our Peanut Butter Chocolate & Oats Bob’s Better Bars feature whole grain oats, peanut butter and organic chocolate.

Bob’s Better Bars

It’s great to look at the ingredients when picking your snacks, but be sure to check out the certifications. Find out what’s NOT in your snack. Here’s a few examples that make Bob’s Red Mill Bars certified Fit Snacks!

Gluten Free • Non GMO • Whole Grain • Clean Ingredients
No Dairy • No Soy • No Egg • High in Protein

Stock up on these tasty bars at

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Trick OR Treat? Why not both?

We have the trick to staying fit and let’s just say it requires a few treats. Here are our top treats for staying fit for fall. Fit Snack is the place where you can have your cake and eat it too. With this months box of healthy snacks you can have your delicious cereal just like when you were a kid, but packed with nutrition. Start your halloween morning with a loaded cereal bowl and no regrets, because it’s high in protein, low in sugar and high in flavor. You also can count on getting the same from the giant cookie in the box. There’s much more but this last one will inspire you to make a Halloween Smoothie Bowl with ALL THREE.

Let’s start with the trick then come the treats! 

The October Fit Snack box is perfectly packaged with all you need to be fit this fall.
  • Your Trainer designed 3 mini workouts in 1 box
  • The REAL Halloween Treats! JUNK FREE!
  • Motivation this one is important. We design the box to motivate you to be your best self!
  • The tools you need to get/stay fit for fall

You read it right! Three workouts in ONE box! The last of a series of three training sessions from the Fit Snack trainer. She had to make this one good. These workouts were designed to be done in bursts and in the midst of your busiest, most hectic day. Turn to your Fit Snack box and join the fit for fall challenge! We have the snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings and details for the challenge are in your box.

You enjoyed it as a kid, now it’s healthier and tastier. Low in sugar, High in protein and so much more!

Bowl, meet cereal! Say hello to Love Grown foods the wholesome line of snacks and cereals made from beans. High in protein and even higher in tasty flavor. Delicious cereal made with a blend of navy, lentil and garbanzo beans that is revolutionizing breakfast. Yay for #beansforbreakfast! Cinnamon Lion Loops : Delicious cinnamon cereal made with beans! OR is your flavor Berry Polar Puffs : Berry Vanilla cereal made with beans!

“When we first met, Alex knew my contagious energy and love for people would change the world. Our belief that everyone should have access to healthy food is what inspired Love Grown to not just be a product on the shelves, but to be a company that will make a difference.”

Learn about Love Grown here and see why it’s important to spread the LOVE!

Fit cereal for fit kids (and for the kid in every adult).

“Cookie! Cookie! Cookie!” -Cookie Monster

He said it best! We all have a little cookie monster in us. Well most of us do and we have the Fit Snack favorite for you in this box. The delicious Munk Pack. Powered with 18G of plant protein, these cookies are a fun and delicious source of feel-good, balanced nutrition. 

It’s great to look at the ingredients when picking your snacks, but be sure to check out the certifications. Find out what’s NOT in your snack. Here’s seven examples that make Munk Pack a Fit Snack Fav!

Plant Based • No Gluten • No GMOs • No Sugar Alcohols
No Dairy • No Soy • No Eggs • Nothing Artificial

Plant based, high in protein, NO JUNK and made to satisfy.

Last, but certainly not least. Introducing the new RX Nut Butters.

We bet you didn’t see this one coming! Yea we thought we would toss in some of the worlds best nut butter. Their bars are clean and delish so their Nut Butters are following suit. Wondering what there secret is. There is none. That’s the secret. No secrets! Ingredients front and center stage as they should be. You should always know exactly what you’re snacking on / putting into your body. That’s why we do what we do! The Fit Snack Nutritionist makes sure each and every snacks meets very specific criteria to ensure you get your best snacking experience. Real food snacks, good for you and great for your body and mind.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!


Enjoy a beautiful halloween style smoothie bowl with your kids cereal, cookie chunks and RX Nut Butter. High in protein, the Fit Snack Trainer recommends it as a post workout treat. Start this halloween off right and feel good about the snacks you treat yo self to! You deserve to feel good, before, during and after eating snacks. Now that’s what halloween should be all about. That’s what being fit for fall is all about. Let’s start a movement. It doesn’t stop there. Ready for your trick? The 3 trainer created mini workouts in this box are designed specifically to burn fat and increase energy. The 3 snacks above are the perfect post workout treats to hold you over throughout the day. All of the glory and none of the guilt. Try implementing the 3 workouts into your daily routine 3 days a week and enjoy your 3 post workout snacks selected by the Fit Snack Nutritionist. Don’t miss out on October!

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“Treat or treat?” – kids

 “Here’s your Fit Snack!” – big kids

Happy Halloween! 

Need a Quick Fix? Try these

Sometimes you just need a quick bite, quick snack or just a quick fix! So we came up with our top 5 Quick Fix Fit Snacks. Try saying that 5X fast.

Snacks should be created  with a purpose. It sounds simple and it should be, that’s why we have the snack brands that make it simple.  Every snack in your Fit Snack box was created with a purpose. Think about it, of everything in your purse or back pack etc., your snacks are the only thing that fuel your body and mind during your day. Snack choices are important. Here are five quick fix fit snacks you may need or want to have on hand.

Quick Fix #1: Grab-n-go with the this travel friendly bar. A delicious whole food based bar for every day of the week.

Your snacks should be Nothin’ But Foods and delicious foods at that.

Introducing Nothin’ But Snack Bars. Simple wholesome ingredients, functional, with crave-worthy taste! Recently launched are the Nothin’ But Granola Cookie Bites.

When you are craving a delicious flavor the sheer variety is sure to offer the exact mix of whole food ingredients your taste buds are looking for.

Quick Fix #2: Smoothie, no work required.

Code: FITSNACK20 for 20% off any SMASHPACK 6-pack or 12-pack flavor.

Expires: 11/30/18 redeem at www.smashpack.com

SMASHPACK is the perfect food for a pre-workout energy boost, post-workout recovery snack, a quick breakfast or an on-the-go healthy snack. Each smoothie pouch contains MCT oil for fast sustainable energy and 14g of high quality protein with no added sugar.

Quick Fix #3: Sometimes, all you need is a bite.

Code: FitRejuven8 for 30% off

Expires: 11/1/18 redeem at www.rejuven8bites.com

The snack to keep you focused on your work and your fitness. Introducing Rejuven8 Superfood Bites packed with protein from the plant based trio. Rejuven8 Bites are indulgent Chef and Doctor crafted paleo protein snacks with 8 powerful ingredients including collagen for the on-the-go Fit-Foodie


Quick Fix #4: Here is the cure for your craving for adventure, bringing exotic eats right to your desk.

Code: FitFoods820 for 20% off

Expiration: 11/1/2018 redeem at www.foodsalive.com

We’ve searched out the best foods from around the globe to bring you a nutrient-dense mix that will help power you on your next adventure. This trail mix includes Jungle Peanuts from Ecuador, White Mulberries from Turkey, Cacao Nibs from Peru, and Goji Berries from the Ningxia province of Northern China. Enjoy your Globe Trekker trail mix from @foodsalive !


Quick Fix #5: Don’t forget your fruit, but in case you did Peaceful fruits has got you covered.

Peaceful Fruits offers delicious, healthy, Mother Nature-loving fruit snacks. Nothing but whole, organic, rainforest-friendly fruit – the snacks you deserve.


If you need a few Quick Fixes in your life these snacks are the answer. Enjoy a discount on any snack above when you use the code below each image.