Drink Your Salad

Drink Your Salad


We love vegetable juice. We’re those people you see sipping from a bottle of a green juice while running errands, cooling off after an intense Vinyasa class, and scrolling though emails at work. What don’t we love about some juices? The added sugar and unpronounceable ingredients that plague so many juices! We also don’t like it when companies show you a “green juice” thats actually loaded with fruits and barely has any veggies! Luckily, SaladPower avoids all that bad stuff- they sell the world’s first drinkable salad & they always put nutrient dense superfoods first. Here’s six reasons why you’ll be drinking your salad:

1.) 100% Natural, 100% Non-GMO Certified Ingredients: No funky preservatives,  artificial flavors, or added sugar in this bottle! Just pure veggie goodness.


2.) Drink your veggies: Every bottle of Salad Power contains a nutrient dense, superfood blend of Kale, Carrot, Spinach, Tomato, Bell Pepper, Celery and Cucumber! This superfood blend is always the first ingredient in every flavor – this keeps their flavors vitamin rich and low in calories & sugar!

3.) Four Delicious Flavors: Choose from classic Just Veggies, or if you crave a little fruit try +Apple, +Pineapple, or +Mango!


4.) Low Calorie & Sugar: Get a boost of vitamins and nutrients for only 60 calories and 9 grams of sugar per bottle with their Just Veggies flavor!

5.) They Know Nutrition. SaladPower’s founders worked painstakingly to come up with a juice that passed the sniff test of any super health, nutrition nut ! They were very scientific & nutritionally aware with their approach and the results are awesome !


6.)  No Fork Required: Get all the nutritional benefits of a salad without the hassle! SaladPower is perfect for an on the go, versatile & health conscious lifestyle. Thanks to their cutting edge bottling technology, you can take SaladPower anywhere! It’s the only premium, nutrient dense juice you can take while you hike, mountain climb, ski or sky dive; wherever your adventures may take you, you can bring SaladPower along for the ride!

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Enerchi Bites

Enerchi Bites


This blog post was written by our partners, Enerchi Bites! We love them and hope you will too.- Fit Snack

Enerchi Bites is re-defining the energy bar. How often to you actually eat the whole bar?

Twin sisters, and co-founding duo, Annie and Marla, solved the problem of having to break off a piece and made it easy for you to have a couple bites and or share with a friend.

They also only the added good stuff to their products–superfoods like chia seeds and hemp seed protein, and real-food ingredients like organic unsulphured apple rings and sunflower seeds. Each ingredient adds value to the nutritional and taste profile.

Enerchi bites are free of soy, dairy, and nuts! All the bites are soft and chewable (imagine cookie dough texture) so they are kid-friendly and pre-molar teeth friendly. Now, you don’t have to hesitate to give them to your kids or include them in their school lunch boxes. Enerchi bites are the perfect mid-day snack, giving you not just an opportunity to re-fuel your body, but to also re-fuel your mind. Their zen logo represents the symbol of chi.

It symbolizes and reminds you to take a breath, and a moment to yourself to reflect, munch mindfully, and then voila, the chi, also known as, “vital energy” will flow through you with less effort, and more ease.

5 Reasons We Love Peak Energy Mints

5 Reasons We Love Peak Energy Mints

Peak Energy Mints pouch!

Peak Energy Mints pouch are the perfect size to stash in your purse or gym bag

Let’s face it: We’ve all had days when we’ve been too tired to start (or finish) a workout. We could chug an energy drink, but who wants to fill their body with sugar and questionable chemicals? Not us! That’s why we’re excited about Peak Energy Mints. Here’s 5 reasons why you’ll love them as much as we do:

1.) Healthier Energy

While other energy products claim to be healthy, Peak Energy Mints actually are! The active ingredients in them are caffeine, D-Ribose (a naturally occurring component of energy) and B-Vitamins. Read the science behind it here 

2.) No Caffeine Crash

The superhero squad of energy ingredients stimulate without the annoying crash symptoms. Peak Energy Mints are perfect for exercising before heading to work!

3.)  Fast Acting

Peak Energy Mints dissolve in the mouth and it only takes 15 minutes for you to feel the energy boosting effects. Pop one while changing into your gym clothes and be ready to roll by the time your sneakers are laced up!

4.) Lasts Longer than Coffee

new study suggests that D-Ribose and caffeine combine their powers to sustain peak energy for much longer than your standard cup of joe. Power through your workout and whatever your day throws at you.

5.) Convenient and Affordable

The handy portable packages give you energy when and where you need it. Plus, a pouch with 2 Peak Energy Mints costs less than a single latte or canned energy drink!


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