Life’s tough.
Chew Easy.
Catchy, home run, tag line belonging to the one and only Chops Jerky.

First and foremost, Chops is by far the most moist, tender jerky we have ever tried in our Fit Snack kitchen.

According to Chops, premium ingredients and all-natural brisket contribute to the tender, juicy taste. We, at Fit Snack, are convinced there is more to it.  With each bite of chops, it feels at if you are sitting at the kitchen table and the brisket just came out of the oven.  How they get the jerky to stay so moist is beyond us, but boy are we happy they figured it out.

In addition to the moist flavor, Chops has priced their chops affordably (averaging $7.99 per bag). Do the comparison yourself and you’ll be shocked that they are priced at or below the average.

Overall Chops Extra Moist Jerky passed Fit Snack flavor test by a mile!

January 2017 Fit Snack Subscription Box

January 2017 Fit Snack Subscription Box Featured Chops Jerky

Why Jerky is an Important go-to Fit Snack

Finally, here are some reasons why jerky is an important go-to Fit Snack.  When looking to loose weight, lean out, gain muscle or sustain hunger, lean meat is one of the best snacks you can choose.  Fit Snack is proud to feature our favorite jerky companies for you to try each month.  In addition to trying jerky in your Fit Snack box, go for jerky over chips when your on a road tip or picking a snack from the office vending machine.