Combining natural flavors with the benefits of ginger, Ginger Chews with Lychee are a soft & chewy, sweet & spicy treat that will satisfy your craving of exotic flavors. 

The World of Ginger

Exploring how ginger is used around the world, may open up your world to the possibilities os ginger!

  • Ginger is a fruit-of-all-trades, it is used in many forms. Ginger is enjoyed fresh, dried, ground into a powder, frozen, turned into a liquid or pickled. Because of the many forms that it can take on, it is popular in countries all around the world.
  • In Asian Countries, Ginger is used as an ingredient in many types of meals. As well as enjoyed along side the meal. Originated in China, Ginger has also been used for its medicinal properties such as aiding in digestion.
  • Inspired from Japan, but enjoyed around the world, ginger is an important condiment to go along with sushi. This is due to digestive aid properties, but also more importantly is powerful ability to cleanse the pallet between bites so that each piece of fish can be enjoyed.
  • In the U.S. it is more common to enjoy ginger when visiting an Asian restaurant, however; with companies like Prince Of Peace packaging it up so nicely, it’s a lot easier to enjoy it at home on a more regular basis.
  • Continuing our journey South, Mexico uses ginger in red enchilada sauce, moles and pipians. 
  • Ginger is also enjoyed in many Carribean dishes, though it isn’t native, the climate is perfect for Ginger cultivation. As a result the Caribbean is famous for jerk ginger and ginger beer.
  • One thing that the entire world has in common when enjoying ginger is using it as a confectionary in candies, cakes and pastries.
  • Prince of Peace had a vision of bringing ginger into our homes in delightfully packaged bites blended with delicious flavors for everyone to enjoy it. They bring the world of ginger right to you.

Exotic Ginger with Lychee inspired this world tour of ginger. Did you know that Lychee is also packed with nutritional benefits. This month, enjoy this exotic blend and the benefits that both ginger and lychee have to offer.

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