Happy National Snack Month!

Happy National Snack Month!

February is not only the month of love, but it’s also National Snack Month! This month-long celebration of all things snack-related was first observed in the United States in 1989. Its purpose is to promote healthy snacking habits and encourage people to make smart snack choices.

The history of National Snack Month goes back to the 1980s when the Snack Food Association (now known as the Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery Association) launched a campaign to promote snack foods as a healthy and convenient option for busy Americans. Since then, National Snack Month has become an annual tradition, with people across the country celebrating by trying new snacks and sharing their favorites with others.

To observe National Snack Month this year, there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Try a new healthy snack: Instead of reaching for your usual snack, try something new and healthy this month. Some options include fresh fruit, raw vegetables with hummus, or Greek yogurt dip, or sign up for a Fit Snack subscription and enjoy a newly curated box each month.
  2. Host a snack swap: Invite your friends or coworkers to participate in a snack swap. Everyone can bring a healthy snack to share, and you can all try new snacks while promoting healthy snacking habits.
  3. Make your own snacks: Get creative in the kitchen and make your own healthy snacks, like homemade granola bars, energy bites, or kale chips.
  4. Take a snack break: Make time for a snack break during your workday or after a workout. Snacking can help boost your energy levels and keep you focused throughout the day.
  5. Share your snacks on social media: Use the hashtag #nationalsnackmonth and #fitsnackfoodie to share your favorite snacks and snack-related activities on social media. You can also search the hashtag to discover new snacks and get inspired by others’ snack ideas.

Overall, National Snack Month is a great opportunity to focus on healthy snacking habits and try new snacks. Whether you’re trying a new healthy snack, hosting a snack swap, or making your own snacks, there are plenty of ways to celebrate and make the most of this fun month-long celebration.



Sesame Savorybar

“Sheffa is an ancient word for abundance. It’s also the sublime energy that moves through all creation, Earth-supporting and nourishing, giving in a boundless flow to all beings. Sheffa is what food should be—a wealth of enjoyment and sustenance. After all, food is energy. Real food is loaded with simple, pure energy that flows from nature.

We believe that a quality diet should center on eating a range of fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and vegetarian proteins, like legumes, nuts and seeds. When eaten whole and in variety, they work synergistically to give our bodies what they need. The less processed the food, the more of its original life force it contains. Our mission is to bring you foods with an abundance of delicious, authentic flavor as well as vital energy. We start with the finest ingredients available—whole, unprocessed, natural foods—then skillfully blend them to create an exceptional balance of flavors, textures, and essential nutrients. We want you to love the foods that love you back.

We wish you Sheffa!”- Sheffa

A crunchy, wholesome sweet-free snack baked with the goodness of toasted sesame seeds.

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At WELLGROVE, they believe that what’s good for you should also be good for the planet. That’s why they use sustainably grown Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil Powder in our Plant Proteins and Essentials Greens to keep you fuller longer, and support sustained energy. They add ingredients with proven health benefits derived from sustainably grown olive trees on the Cobram Estate groves.

WELLGROVE PLANT PROTEIN is a delicious formula with over 20g of high-quality pea protein per serving. Formulated with Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil Powder to keep you fuller for longer and a unique addition of olive antioxidants to support muscle repair (maslinic acid and hydroxytyrosol). Their gut friendly formula also includes prebiotic fiber and digestive enzymes. WELLGROVE PLANT PROTEIN is a complete protein source, providing all essential amino acids required by the body for growth, repair, and maintenance of lean muscle mass. Pea protein isolates are also a source of minerals, including iron, potassium and zinc. Hydroxytyrosol, a powerful olive-derived antioxidant, is found in Cobram Estate’s award-winning extra virgin olive oils. Hydroxytyrosol has been shown to support protection against free radical damage and reduce markers of inflammation. Maslinic acid is another potent antioxidant found in cobram estate olive oils which has been shown to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties in vitro. Prebiotic fiber is a type of dietary fiber that acts as fuel for probiotics (good bacteria) in the gut, promoting gut health and regularity.

WELLGROVE PLANT PROTEIN is a delicious and nutritious way to fuel your body without sacrificing taste or quality. Their formula is rich in pea protein, prebiotic fiber, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and olive-derived antioxidants, making it a complete protein source that is easy to digest and packed with nutrients. Plus, their unique blend of ingredients provides numerous health benefits including supporting muscle repair, reducing inflammation, and promoting gut health. So why not try WELLGROVE PLANT PROTEIN today? You’ll be glad you did!

To purchase, visit WellGroveHealth.com and use coupon code fitsnack20 exp 12/31/22

Fiber Gourmet | Vegetable Hexagon Crackers

Fiber Gourmet | Vegetable Hexagon Crackers

We all know that crackers are a staple at any party or get-together. But let’s face it, most crackers out there are unhealthy, full of empty calories, and just not good for you. That’s where Fiber Gourmet’s Hexagon Crackers come in! These delicious crackers are packed with fiber and have less calories and carbs than standard crackers. Plus, they taste incredible! So next time you’re looking for a healthier alternative to traditional crackers, be sure to check out Fibre Gourmet’s Hexagon Crackers.

What sets Fibre Gourmet’s Hexagon Crackers apart from other crackers on the market is the fact that they’re packed with fiber. In each serving, there is 14g of fiber which is essential for keeping you full and satisfied. And because the crackers are made with better-for-you fiber, you can feel good about snacking on them. Other crackers on the market are high in calories and carbs, but not Fibre Gourmet’s Hexagon Crackers. Each serving of FG crackers has just 70 calories which means that they have 53% less calories than standard full calorie crackers. And when it comes to carbs, FG crackers have 8g net carbs while the leading standard cracker has 19g net carbs. So if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to traditional crackers, be sure to check out Fibre Gourmet’s Hexagon Crackers!

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to traditional crackers, be sure to check out Fibre Gourmet’s Hexagon Crackers! These delicious and nutritious crackers are perfect for dipping and are sure to be a hit at your next party or get-together. With 14g of fiber in each serving and fewer calories and carbs than standard crackers, Fibre Gourmet’s Hexagon Crackers are a great option for healthy snacking. So next time you’re in the mood for something crunchy and delicious, reach for a box of Fibre Gourmet’s Hexagon Crackers!

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If you’re like most people, chances are you’ve sipped on a sugary energy drink at least once in your life. However, you may not realize that these drinks can be quite harmful to your health. In fact, they can cause weight gain, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and even anxiety and depression. Plus, most energy drinks are loaded with artificial ingredients that can be hard on your digestive system. So if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to sugary energy drinks, look no further than Purps!

At Purps, they believe that nature and science should work together to promote your life’s health. That’s why they’ve formulated their energy drink to be made entirely of plant-based sources of natural caffeine. Their energy blend includes yerba mate, green tea, coffee berry, Indian gooseberry, guarana seed, and pomegranate. Plus, it’s sweetened with organic stevia, so you can be sure it’s free from artificial flavors and sweeteners. And because they’re committed to using only the highest quality ingredients, their energy drink is certified organic, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. So whether you’re looking for a healthy alternative to sugary energy drinks or you’re just trying to cut back on calories, Purps is the perfect choice for you!

We all know that caffeine can give us a much-needed boost of energy when we’re feeling sluggish. However, did you know that there are also many health benefits associated with caffeine? For example, studies have shown that caffeine can improve cognitive function and protect against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Caffeine has also shown to improve physical performance by increasing alertness and enhancing coordination. So whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up to help you power through your workday or need an extra edge during your next workout, Purps has you covered!

“The Purps Founders are world-class innovators, with a commonality as advocates for health in their own lives and for others. The Founders are passionate about the Purps mission. Purps products are designed with a purpose using premium ingredients, with no artificial colors, no artificial flavors and no preservatives. Purps advocates are committed to inspiring and educating our youth to adopt a healthy lifestyle with the Purps It Forward organization.”


Whether you’re looking for an alternative to sugary energy drinks or you’re just trying to consume more healthy ingredients, Purps is the perfect choice for you! So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to Purps today!

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Ka-Pop! | Cinnamon Churro Puffs

Ka-Pop! | Cinnamon Churro Puffs

With only 3 grams of sugar per serving, this is an indulgent, any-time treat you won’t want to share!

Ka-Pop! is packed with so much flavor, there’s no room for the bad stuff!

KaPop! snacks are always vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, allergen-free, BUT NOT TASTE FREE!

In a perfectly poppable ring shape, we bake to perfection – never frying – to get all of the texture and flavor you love from those bad-for-you rings, but in a good-for-you recipe. 0g sugar and a flavor that keeps you coming back ‘for just one more’.

Fuel your neck road trip or pair with your favorite cold beverages!

To purchase, visit www.kapopsnacks.com and use coupon code fitsnack20 to save 20% off your next purchase.