Bakery on Main   |   Monster Cookie Granola

Bakery on Main | Monster Cookie Granola

Let’s tear open a bag of decadent granola that will make your taste buds oh so happy. Bakery on Main has created a snack that will satisfy your sweet and crunchy craving without any of the guilt. 

This decadent whole-grain granola is packed with beneficial nutrients and 16g whole grains per serving. Combining the delicious flavors of dark chocolate and premium nuts and  rainbow sprinkles. 

Since 1972 Bakery on Main has prided themselves on their ability to craft incredibly delicious gluten free and celiac friendly granola. It’s their belief that everyone should be able to enjoy food that doesn’t sacrifice taste for wholesomeness and fits perfectly into any individualized dietary wants and needs.

Simple, effortless eating and snacking that’s always on your terms”

-Bakery On Main

What way are you going to enjoy this decadent snack?

Over Ice cream         Straight out of the bag    Over a bowl of milk

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POP ZERO | White Cheddar

POP ZERO | White Cheddar

This delicious snack is made with just four simple ingredients: XL kernels, algae flour, algae oil, and sea salt. Their large mushroom kernels create the perfect fluffy popcorn. Then their algae flour creates your traditional buttery flavor without the butter and the dairy.  All pop zero is free of trans fat, GMOS, and high fructose corn syrup. 

Pop zeros White Cheddar has all the cheesiness you crave, without any of the cheese. Their white cheddar flavor is dairy-free cheesy goodness because it has ZERO saturated fat or artificial flavors. 

Meet your new favorite, healthy popcorn- Pop Zero. We believe snacking should mean simple ingredients, great taste and zero compromise. 

-Pop Zero

One serving of this high quality popcorn is equal to: 

  • 1\2 avocado 
  • 1\2 cup oatmeal 
  • 1 cup brown rice 

Simple ingredients mean that if you can’t pronounce it, it’s not in our popcorn. Simple as that. And zero compromise means that were normalizing eating an entire bag of healthy popcorn in one sitting…. because why not? That’s how were making snacking simple (and delicious!) 

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Brainiac® Cinnamon Applesauce

Brainiac® Cinnamon Applesauce

Brainiac® Cinnamon Applesauce with Omega-3s, Choline and Vitamin C

Brainiac® Applesauce is a family favorite because it has no added sugar, tastes great, comes in convenient resealable pouches that are great for on the go and is packed with brain-fueling nutrients unlike your average Applesauce.

How It All Started… Jonathan, the founder of Brainiac®’s son was diagnosed with ‘failure to thrive’ he turned to experts who stressed the foundational role that nutrition plays for both infants and older kids, leading to the critical question … “were the rest of his family getting the right nutrients for their developing and active brains?”

He brought in co-founder, and fellow dad of three, Mark and together with nutritionists, neurologists and pediatricians, they determined that the key nutrients for brain health are lacking in the typical American diet, creating the imperative for Brainiac®: Real & delicious food that fuels brains Brainiac® makes snack favorites like Yogurt, Applesauce, Nut Butters and Bars with brain-boosting nutrients Omega-3s and Choline plus other vitamins and nutrients that are great for the whole body.

These ready-to-go pouches are made with seasonal, non-GMO, and 100% US grown apples. Each serving is supercharged with our BrainPack® to provide meaningful amounts of critical brain fueling nutrients like Omega-3 DHA/EPA and choline. They require no refrigeration, which makes them the perfect snack for lunches, car rides or wherever your kids need to be. 

Extraordinary Applesauce with a Brain‑Building Twist

Their favorite applesauce snack bursting with apple cinnamon flavor, but reinvented to include a daily brain boost. Their minds are constantly imagining, tinkering and creating, so we think their snacks should feed the brain as well as the body. And if you needed another reason to believe our applesauces are:

  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • No Sugar Added
  • Kosher
  • Gluten-Free
  • Free of Artificial Colors
  • Pediatrician approved

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Bakery On Main | Honey and Oat Granola Bars

Bakery On Main | Honey and Oat Granola Bars

When you’re on the go, the last thing you need is a snack that is going to make you feel less than great. For some, a single ingredient can affect your whole day due to unique digestion.

With the combination of delicious flavors and organic ingredients, Bakery on Main continues to bring us celiac-friendly snack bars, oats, and granola. To think it all started in a bakery of a natural foods market, to now creating numerous gluten-free foods that can help you lead a healthy, happy lifestyle. Bakery on Main is a 3rd party certified, ensuring that every product made is certified gluten-free and non-GMO project verified so you can enjoy these celiac safe foods.


“To create delicious, gluten free and celiac-friendly breakfast and 

snack foods that make it easy for people with unique

 dietary needs to enjoy the foods they love

– Bakery On Main

Organic Oats & Honey Bars

Oats and Honey Granola Bars are convenient and oh so delicious. These are organic soft and chewy bars made with real honey. Not to mention a great source of fiber with other beneficial nutrients that won’t disappoint.

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From The Ground Up

From The Ground Up

Real Food From The Ground Up believes everyone should live healthier and snack happier! Which is why they make their top ingredients vegetables and craft them into deliciously satisfying snacks. So you can give in to your cravings and up your snack game without sacrificing taste, health, or serving size.

Looking for something nourishing to actually satisfy your taste buds? From The Ground Up Snacks has got you covered with a plant-based twist on all your snack faves. Their label says it all: REAL veggies as hero ingredients, and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. They’re keepin’ it real with clean, vegan, gluten-free ingredients. Eating right doesn’t need to be full of tradeoffs. Their exciting snacks are available in a variety of crave-worthy flavors and shapes for you to explore. And since they’re full of real veggie goodness, there’s more flavor, more crunch, and more bites to go around. With their crave-worthy texture and finger-licking flavor, these Cauliflower Stalks are what other puffed snacks hope to be when they grow up. The perfect snack just waiting to be dipped, crushed, and devoured… and they are here for it! MORE PLEASE!

No vegetable has had a bigger glow up than cauliflower – and we are loving it! The once unassuming side dish is now a superhero veggie. Made famous for being naturally low-carb, cauliflower is a magical ingredient swap. We’re proud to say you can find cauliflower at the top of our list because… no one puts cauliflower in a corner.

Cauliflower Sea Salt Stalks

No puffs about it – these Cauliflower Stalks have the lightest, crunchiest texture with big flavor payoff. What snack dreams are made of!

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Three Farmers

Three Farmers

BRAND STORY: Three Farmers believes that everyone should have wholesome food to eat, with an understanding of where it comes from and how it’s made. We are real farmers committed to preserving the land through sustainable growing practices and providing nourishing foods grown on family farms. We are a real deal family business with THREE FARMERS and TWO SISTERS at the heart. Bonded by a shared desire to connect consumers to the farmers who grow their food, we are committed to: Healthy and wholesome food with natural, quality ingredients. Ensuring our products are responsibly and sustainably grown and made. Inviting our customers to trace the goodness, openly sharing how our Roasted Chickpeas are grown and made. Supporting, celebrating and engaging with our communities and neighbours. PRODUCT DETAILS A big bang in a small pulse – packed with 12g of Plant Protein and bursting with flavour! You’ll be amazed that a snack so small can make you feel so mighty! With a crunch similar to a seed, these tasty little morsels are perfect as a salad topper.

Three Farmers,
Two Sisters, One Vision

Delicious, nutrient packed foods, grounded in goodness and grown using innovative and sustainable farming practices.

Roasted Lentils

A big bang in a small pulse – packed with 12g of Plant Protein and bursting with flavour! Grown and made in Canada, you’ll be amazed that a snack so small can make you feel so mighty! With a crunch similar to a seed, these tasty little morsels are perfect as a salad topper.

Barbecue Roasted Lentils A big bang in a small pulse – packed with 12g of Plant Protein and bursting with flavour!

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