Busy. It’s a word we use more than we probably realize. We think about how “busy” our lives are and we often tell people how “busy” we are – even on our not so busy days. In a typical day we take a break from work and grab a warm cup of caffeinated coffee or tea. Caffeine, the reminder that we need to hurry and get moving. At Fit Snack, we believe summer is a time to slow down and really look at your lifestyle. Take a few minutes to enjoy not just a warm drink, but a moment of peace. This month we have found a gourmet, healthy and convenient option you will want to slow down and sip on. You can feel good knowing it has only 15 calories, is Gluten free, Non-GMO, Kosher and Vegan. Introducing the Art of Broth. 

Make life beautiful, not busy. Experience Gourmet Sipping Broth.

Think of a time you sat with a hot and savory beverage, took a deep breathe in, exhaling as you relaxed and settled into the moment. Sitting in solitude, no phone, no distractions only focusing on the warmth of the cup against your hands. Busy can take the beauty out of life, but a Sipping Broth can bring it right back. In a busy world it’s not always easy to slow down, but sipping on a savory broth will make you do just that. 

The Art…

Created by a family working in the food service industry for 50 years, creating high quality broths are more than a specialty to them, it is an art. These gourmet broths were once only accessible for executive chefs across the country. Three generations later, we are delivering them to your door step and you can fit the small package in your carry on or purse. The innovative steepable bags are designed specifically for convenience and with 2 minute preparation time you can have a beautiful cup of broth right at your fingertips. 

Relax. Sip. Enjoy. It’s more than a philosophy, it’s a lifestyle. 

Art of Broth | Gourmet Sipping Broth | Anytime and anywhere

Relax. Sip. Enjoy.

At Fit Snack we are the box that thinks outside of the box to deliver you motivation and fit inspiration to your doorstep. Let’s face it, a healthy lifestyle takes work. It requires balance (literally and figuratively) finesse and work. At times so much work that we forget how to relax, how to breathe and how to slow down.

Art of Broth is in our June Fit Snack box and it is your reminder to slow down this month, have a seat somewhere beautiful and sip on some gourmet goodness.

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Only 15 calories or less | Vegan | Gluten Free | Non GMO | Kosher