Sometimes you just need a quick bite, quick snack or just a quick fix! So we came up with our top 5 Quick Fix Fit Snacks. Try saying that 5X fast.

Snacks should be created  with a purpose. It sounds simple and it should be, that’s why we have the snack brands that make it simple.  Every snack in your Fit Snack box was created with a purpose. Think about it, of everything in your purse or back pack etc., your snacks are the only thing that fuel your body and mind during your day. Snack choices are important. Here are five quick fix fit snacks you may need or want to have on hand.

Quick Fix #1: Grab-n-go with the this travel friendly bar. A delicious whole food based bar for every day of the week.

Your snacks should be Nothin’ But Foods and delicious foods at that.

Introducing Nothin’ But Snack Bars. Simple wholesome ingredients, functional, with crave-worthy taste! Recently launched are the Nothin’ But Granola Cookie Bites.

When you are craving a delicious flavor the sheer variety is sure to offer the exact mix of whole food ingredients your taste buds are looking for.

Quick Fix #2: Smoothie, no work required.

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SMASHPACK is the perfect food for a pre-workout energy boost, post-workout recovery snack, a quick breakfast or an on-the-go healthy snack. Each smoothie pouch contains MCT oil for fast sustainable energy and 14g of high quality protein with no added sugar.

Quick Fix #3: Sometimes, all you need is a bite.

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The snack to keep you focused on your work and your fitness. Introducing Rejuven8 Superfood Bites packed with protein from the plant based trio. Rejuven8 Bites are indulgent Chef and Doctor crafted paleo protein snacks with 8 powerful ingredients including collagen for the on-the-go Fit-Foodie


Quick Fix #4: Here is the cure for your craving for adventure, bringing exotic eats right to your desk.

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We’ve searched out the best foods from around the globe to bring you a nutrient-dense mix that will help power you on your next adventure. This trail mix includes Jungle Peanuts from Ecuador, White Mulberries from Turkey, Cacao Nibs from Peru, and Goji Berries from the Ningxia province of Northern China. Enjoy your Globe Trekker trail mix from @foodsalive !


Quick Fix #5: Don’t forget your fruit, but in case you did Peaceful fruits has got you covered.

Peaceful Fruits offers delicious, healthy, Mother Nature-loving fruit snacks. Nothing but whole, organic, rainforest-friendly fruit – the snacks you deserve.


If you need a few Quick Fixes in your life these snacks are the answer. Enjoy a discount on any snack above when you use the code below each image.