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Moon Fruit Snacks

Moon Fruit, an innovative snack for kids, is a new twist on the beloved smoothie. It’s made of whole fruits blended into favorite smoothie flavors like strawberry banana or blended berry. It’s then shaped into fun-sized bites and freeze-dried for a big CRUNCH!! • Kids...

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Ka-Pop! is Ancient InGRAINed’s  successful line of savory snacks that is designed to put the fun back in healthy snacking through honest ingredients, and really great packaging. The brand has skyrocketed from a Colorado start-up to TV’s national spotlight on...

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Orange Passionfruit Miracle Tea

Miracle Tree is a family startup all about Moringa – an emerging superfood with an exceptional nutritional profile (functional, healthy and organic) which was recently featured in Whole Food’s Top 10 Trends in Food for 2022! Interest in moringa is growing rapidly...

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Organic Moringa Energy Tea, Peach Mint Apricot

Supercharge your day with Miracle Tree's organic moringa superfood energy infusions. Enjoy a clean energy uplift with our tasty combination of mellow peach, calming mint and tasty apricots. Miracle Tree is a family startup all about Moringa – an emerging superfood...

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Flourless Banana Muffins

These delicious Almond Butter Banana muffins are made without dairy, gluten, oil, or refined sugar. Ingredients: 2 Ripe bananas 1/4 cup Unsweetened Almond milk2 Eggs2 1/4 Rolled oats - Our favorite is Bakery on main's unsweetened oatmeal 1/4 cup Flax seed 1/2 cup...

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Hungry Buddha Bars

Coconut Cocoa Bar As clean as a bar can be! Hungry Buddha Bars are a great post-workout pick-me-up, perfect for a mid-day snack, or any time you need a healthy bite on-the-go. Plant-Powered - Up to 10g of pea proteinClean - No GMOs, gluten, palm oils, artificial...

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The Crafty Weka Bar

Whatever your choice of activity these Crafty Weka Bar has been created to satisfy your appetite between meals, and exercise. The Crafty Weka Bar have carefully adjusted the amounts of each ingredient for easier digestion and optimum taste. Crafty Weka Bars are packed...

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High Key Mini Cookies

| Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies | There is nothing like fresh chocolate chip cookies, However the sugar can sometimes leave you feeling sluggish. But look no further because HighKey has created delicious, crave worthy snacks without all the sugar. Rich , chocolatey,...

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