The hippie movement of the 1960’s was all about Peace and Love. Fast-forward to today’s modern day hippie and you have the inspiration behind this chickpea creation. These chickpea puffs are made with love it is evident in the story behind them. Hippeas are made with the love of healthy food, the environment and people. All of this combined is what makes them a power snack. At Fit Snack we love discovering companies with healthy snacks and values that align with our own.


All about the Peas, Love & Giving Back! Power up with this Fit Snack.

Made with clean ingredients with a story behind them that will feed your soul. Hippeas didn’t stop at the snacks, they mastered the process by partnering with a charity they believe in. Hippeas partnered with Farm Africa, a charity with a mission to help farmers thrive and learn the skills they need to “grow their way out of poverty”.  At Fit Snack we partner with the Boys and Girls club to make sure kids have the snacks they need to thrive as they learn and grow. Talk about a win win!

What makes Hippeas a perfect Fit Snack!

It’s pretty simple actually. They’re good for you! We keep it simple here at Fit Snack and we find partners who do the same. This snack is Nutritionist Approved with 4g protein, 3g fiber, only 2g sugar and 130 calories. You can have peace of mind knowing you’re enjoying well-balanced, snack with everything you need, including and especially flavor – and none of the junk!

  • Organic
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan
  • Baked Not Fried
  • Plant Protein
  • Simple Ingredients
  • Clean Label

Have I mentioned the flavors…guess which one is in the April Fit Snack box?

Far Out Fajita  ♦  Siracha Sunshine  ♦  Vegan White Cheddar  ♦  Pepper Power  ♦  Bohemian Barbecue


Goodness for mind body and soil.

Chickpea plants are not to be underestimated. Chickpeas draw nitrogen directly from the atmosphere to enrich the soil with nitrogen. Then farmers do not have to use nitrogen fertilizer.


Give Peas a Chance!


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In the same way the chickpeas benefit the soil and the earth, we have a thriving partnership with Hippeas. Happy snacking and we encourage you to support brands that serve a purpose.