A clean cookie made with love and whole food ingredients

Rickaroons are made with love…by Rick. These nutrient packed treats taste like dessert, so you know they are made with lots of love. What you wouldn’t know is that each Rickaroon only has 4-5 ingredients. The ingredients list is as beautiful and healthy as it is tasty!

Inspired by love.

The love of being healthy and the love for a special woman. Rick set out to simply create a healthy comforting treat for a loved one during her battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Over time he perfected his recipe to make an on-the-go snack that is as simple as it is sweet. Designed to fuel workouts and satisfy cravings, the combination of coconut, nut butters, and chocolate does both perfectly!

The Rickaroon line now has 5 delicious flavors so you can have one for every occasion.

  • Chocolate Blonde
  • Peanut Butter Protein
  • Mint to be – Mint Double Chocolate
  • Mocha – Double Chocolate Espresso
  • Megaroon – Superfood filled = Chia Seeds + Cocoa Nibs                                                                  Today Rickaroons is a family run business and it’s a special team effort to bring these beautifully crafted treats to you.

Beautiful Ingredients for a beautiful life.

Only 6-8 ingredients. I bet your wondering “What can they be and why beautiful?”

All Rickaroons flavors are built around coconut. Every flavor includes 3 forms of coconut – Shredded Coconut, Coconut Palm Nectar, and Coconut Oil. Combine the coconut with Almond Butter or Peanut Butter, a hint of Vanilla, and sustainably sourced dark chocolate and you get perfection. Some of the key ingredients you will see here are high in antioxidants, and combined they make for an anti-aging friendly treat. Antioxidants primarily serve to fight damage to your cells (the oxidation process) whether caused by stress or imbalances. So relax and enjoy a Rickaroon in your August Fit Snack box. Warning: Rickaroons may cause big smiles, happy taste buds, and a healthy body.

Rickaroons are Certified: