This blog is meant to guide you on how to prevent injuries, relieve pain and sculpt the muscles your body depends on the most. A balanced physique starts with your core and lower back, these areas contain the main muscle groups responsible for good posture. If you have bad posture or bad balance this is often the first sign of a weak core. A weak core is at the root of all lower back issues. Let’s talk about strengthening you’re body from front to back!

If you think about it a balanced physique is not just Abs, even though they get all of the credit. You want your abs to be strong yes, but you also want your upper and lower back to be strong. Your body has a natural girdle when you train it correctly, so it’s time to use it! Ready to work?

BRIDGE – this simple exercise is great because it is the easiest way to work your lower back. You are literally lying down. It also works your hamstrings and glutes. Here’s your Trainer Cues for this exercise:

Start Position: Lie on your back, knees bent with feet flat on the floor. Arms flat on the ground, hands at your sides.

Motion: Raise your hips off of the ground. As you raise your hips squeeze your glutes and tighten your core. Return to start position.

Advanced Start Position: Straighten your right leg and raise your hips keeping that straight leg in the air with the lower leg remaining bent.

DONKEY KICKS with PULSE  – On all 4’s you simply kick back one leg at a time. This is a comfortable move and is low pressure on the joints. Works your lower back and glutes when done right. If you have knee pain place a folded yoga mat under your knees.

Start Position: On all 4’s, start with your right leg, flex your right foot. Tighten your core. Deep inhale.

Motion: Exhale as you raise your right leg and lead with your heel. Squeeze your glutes as you raise your leg. Your foot should be parallel to the ceiling when you complete the motion.

+ PULSE – at the top of the motion when you foot is parallel to the ceiling, pulse 10x. With each pulse squeeze your glute. The pulsing motion will be raising your foot by 1 inch and lowering by 1 inch all while controlling the position and keeping your glute muscle tight.


How to advance to the NEXT FITNESS LEVEL! Instead of feeling stuck or “hitting a plateau” take these steps. Apply the principles to get better at any movement.

SuperMan Planks – Before Planking “stretch your wrists” bend at the wrist forward and backward. Hold plank position on yoga mat or carpet ideally.

Start Position: Perfect plank. Position cues, tight core and relaxed shoulders.

TIP prevent injury and advance to the next level: Remember with plank to keep your core tight and hips parallel to your shoulders. No lowering the hips. If you notice your hips dropping and your posture is compromised then simply drop to your knees and hold a half plank as long as you can. This will train up your strength.

Principle – as soon as your posture is compromised you are NOT making progress. Instead you are moving closer to an injury that will really set you back.

Motion – Raise your right arm and right leg simultaneously.

Advanced Motion – + PULSE – add a pulse at the top. When you raise your right leg and right arm or vice versa, pulse at the top. It is important to make sure your hips are parallel to your shoulders.

Here it is the grand finale move!

Runners Lunge with a Twist (literally!) – This active stretch is the perfect move to release any toxins and tightness from the deepest part of your hips. If you spend a lot of time, sitting, driving or doing cardio this move is ideal for preventing injury. Start with the right, then perform on the left.

Start Position: Forward lunge with back leg stretched and straight. Hold forward lunge about 30 seconds.

Motion: Lower your back knee to the ground. If you are comfortable inhale deeply, squeeze your core. Exhale and lower your hips, bring your right hand to the inside of your foot.

Advanced Stretch: If you are still comfortable lower to your elbows. Then to go as deep as you can raise your left foot slowly (left knee stays on the ground). Reach your right arm back and grasp the inside of your left foot. Hold this stretch for 10 seconds start small.

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Enjoy your workout, detox and snack all rolled into one! Now you have a 4 move workout you can do anywhere, anytime. Please comment and let us know what you want to see more of and if you like this blog.