The Ultimate Adventure Bar

The Ultimate Adventure Bar

Imagine waking up every morning and going to work on the river in the Grand Canyon. Now this is a beautiful place, you know, where you work. The inspiration that comes from working in a place like this is insurmountable. The possibilities are endless, but at the end of everyday, you’re probably just thinking…well that you’re really hungry. What better food to fuel your adventure than local, fresh food? That is exactly how Huppy Bar was born. 

Huppy Bar is the place where snack meets home-grown, locally sourced ingredients. After a long day on the river or hiking or biking a trail, a fresh snack is key. That was the goal of Lindsay “Huppy” Hupp when she first began making Huppy Bar it was just a delicious snack she created for her personal adventures. As a river guide, her friends on the river quickly fell in love and what was once her secret stash was now a well known staple among friends. Huppy Bar was inspired much like any adventure is. A beautiful place, people who inspire you to do great things and a determination to make try something epic.

Eventually Huppy Bar gained the attention of the Executive Director of the Arizona Trail Association. It was then that it became the official bar of the Arizona Trail. The flavor AZT Wild Mesquite captures the essence of the AZ trail in every bite.

More on the story and flavors…

In the words of our Founder, “This bar is as extraordinary as the person and the story behind it.” – Rose Muniz. Let us just start by saying it’s not everyday we discover a snack that is the official snack of a beautiful trail. In fact, Huppy Bar is the first. As for the flavors they speak for themselves. Prepare for your mouth to start watering and a deep-rooted craving for adventure and a snack.

  • Apple Cinnamon Raisin – Made with all natural dried apples, organic raisins and organic cinnamon, this classic combo takes on a delicious burst of flavor you may not see coming.

  • AZT Wild Mesquite – Made with all natural dried apples, organic raisins and organic cinnamon, this classic combo takes on a delicious burst of flavor you may not see coming.

  • Chocolate Berry Love – The original Huppybar flavor, Chocolate Berry Love definitely lives up to its name. Using only 100% cacao,  juice sweetened cranberries, and wild blueberries, this antioxidant powerhouse will give your body a zing of TLC that it will definitely be happy about!

  • Chocolate Java – Chocolate and coffee? Yes, please! Booming with antioxidants and rich flavors of locally roasted coffee, 100% cacao chocolate and the nutrient dense Huppybar core, this bar will surely give you the energy you need NOW and later.

  • Coconut Date Ginger – Likely the world’s favorite Huppybar flavor, Coconut Date Ginger is handcrafted with organic dates, organic coconut, and organic ginger, this bar is so delicious it may leave you wondering how it could possibly be so good for you.

Each bar is made with Arizona grown ingredients and the nutrients essential to energize your ride.

Here are a few reasons why you want Huppy Bar on hand for your next adventure!

Every delicious bite is free of preservatives and refined sugars. If you’ve tasted a bar we know what you’re thinking. “That is pretty hard to believe…”, but there’s something magical about locally sourced ingredients and a snack with a story. This snack was made to support and inspire adventure in your life. Each bite is delicious, nutrient dense and satisfying to the core. After reading about Huppy Bar you are sure to want more. 

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Finding Snacks the Fit Snack Way!

At Fit Snack we believe there is a snack for every adventure and every experience this life has in store for us. If you have the right nutrition and a delicious tasting snack in hand then you’re just that much more ready for whatever it is that’s right around the corner. If it’s the AZ trail or another outdoor adventure for that matter, you know what bar to pack!

Huppy Snacking and we hope this bar inspires you to get out an explore nature and eat locally sourced foods as much as it has inspired us to do just that.

Burkart Organics

Burkart Organics

In the spirit of summer we found the best fresh dried fruit around at Burkart Organics. For 50 years and across 3 generations the Burkart family has been at the forefront of the sustainable food movement. Their story starts with Grandma Burkart who in the 1920’s and 1930’s grew up on a farm that used sustainable/organic practices. They were one of the first in their county to become Certified Organic in 1979. The Burkart family farms span close to 100 acres in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley of Centeral California. Every aspect of their process is what makes their fruit the best quality.

Burkart Organics hand packages their fruit, it is then cut by hand, tended to by hand and finally picked up and bagged by hand. NO machines, everything is done the old fashioned way.  It doesn’t stop there they leave out any and all preservatives, sulfur, sugars, or concentrates and only include all natural sun-dried sweetness in every bag.

Sweetened by the sun, tended to by hand and sealed with love. 

Sulfur dioxide or sulfite is a preservative used in most dried fruits and its known to worsen asthma and pose other serious health risks.  You can tell an organic dried fruit from a dried fruit with preservatives because the color is unnatural.

All Natural Freshly Dried Bags of Fruit:

  • Peach (White and Yellow)
  • Nectarine (White and Yellow)
  • Persimmon Chips
  • Apricot
  • Jujube (AKA Chinese Date)
  • Mixed Bag A (Persimmon Chip, White Nectarine, Apricot, Flame Raisin, Jujube)
  • Mixed Bag B (Persimmon Chip, White Nectarine, Yellow Peach, Apricot, Jujube)

In case you are not familiar with the Jujube. Here’s a quick Jujube 101.

 The jujube is a super fruit used in Chinese medicine AKA the Chinese Date. It is said to purify the blood, spleen, liver, good for digestion, headaches, and blood circulation. Jujube is a fruit that is mildly sweet, and also used in soup, rice, and tea recipes. – learn more about the rest of these super fruits at

After packaging the best dried fruit ever, they didn’t stop there. 

When your next sugar craving strikes, grab a bag of Burkart Organics Dried Fruit, for a super healthy, sweet treat!