November Fit Snack Workout

November Fit Snack Workout

Warm Up 5 minutes (Rotating each move for 30 seconds)

Butt Kicks

Mountain Climbers

High Knees

Jumping Alternating Lunges (Intermediate Only)

You’re November Workout Plan

Mon.       Legs – Cardio – Abs

Tues.      Arms – Cardio

Wed.      Cardio – Legs – Abs

Thurs.    Arms – Cardio

Friday    Yoga/Stretch


Cardio Options

10 min Jump Rope

10 min (Rotate 30 sec each) High Knees, Butt Kicks, Mountain Climbers, Jumping Jacks

10 min Running


Fit Snack Leg Workout

20 Four way lunges – reg., reverse, side to side and curtsey lunge

20 Wighted Squats 

40 Three way Calf Raises – 1. Toes apart & heels touching 2. Middle regular 3. Toes Touch & heels apart 


Fit Snack Arm Workout

20 Staggered Push Ups – Rt arm is 1 hand higher than left. After 10 reps switch.

20 Plank to Elbows – 1 rep is lowering to elbows, then raising to a full plank.

20 Tricep Push Ups – Push up with elbows touching your. sides


Fit Snack Ab Workout

20 Russian Twists (Position: bent knees, feet on floor, spine straight)

20 Leg Raises – Spine glued to the floor, activate lower abs tighten as you lower and lift.

20 Crunches – squeeze as you lower and raise.


Fit Snack Stretches, hold for 30 seconds each

Runners Lunge, lower your back knee to the ground

Sitting Legs wide, reach to the right side then the left.


We hope you enjoy your November Fit Snack Fitness Challenge designed by our Personal Trainer, Anita Muniz. We hope you can stick to the program. Anita is a triathlete, swimmer, runner and weight lifter. If you want a more in depth and personalized training program check out our Fit Snack Fitness Program we are launching especially for you. Designed by yours truly, I hope you enjoy every minute of it and may you gain motivation and strength daily. We want your input and feedback as we launch our Fitness Program so we can ensure it is perfect for you.