Mind Body One Workout + Nutrition Tips

Mind Body One Workout + Nutrition Tips

Welcome to the launch of the three part Mind Body series. Our Nutritionist and Personal Trainer designed a simple three part workout and nutrition series.  The purpose, to use Nutrition and Training guidance to maximize your energy and vitality in your every day life. This blog is meant to give you a sneak peek at part 1, we will email the full series to our August subscribers.

We welcome all fitness levels as there are modifications for beginner to advanced. If you are feeling stagnant or are needing to gain energy to increase stamina in your everyday life, we have the tools to turn that around. You will need some superfood packed Fit Snacks and the guidance of our Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. Sit back, enjoy a Fit Snack and prepare to bring your body into balance with an awesome workout and some stretches.

Wholesome food made with real ingredients. This is the place to start.

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Stretching before the workout!

This is the time to calm your mind and prepare physically and mentally. Set the intention to workout mindfully. Focus on perfect form and connect with your breathe to benefit your body and mind. To start with a well balanced workout we need a pre workout stretch. This short bout of active stretching is designed to fully prepare your body for the every exercise. Never underestimate the pre workout stretch. With the perfect fuel you should be feeling energized. Now stretch and get in the zone.

Workout o’clock

Here’s a fun and functional circuit to get you moving! It is designed to full body strength and balance. When these exercises are performed in a circuit they are highly effective in burning fat and building lean muscle. Sign up for our News Letter and we will send the upcoming 3 part series with beginner and advanced level modifications from our Trainer.

A portion of the workout in Part One of the Mind Body series. Sign up for our mailing list here just scroll down and enter your email for this free 3 part series.

You have to be filling hungry after that 15 minute killer circuit. Here’s your post workout drink and snack bar! Snacking does not get any cleaner or more purely delicious than this.

Drink! LYNQ and fall in love.

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Stretch it Out!

Training specific stretches from part One of the Mind Body series. Enjoy!

Sign up for our FitSnack to receive the full Mind | Body series. We are sending out Mind Body part One during the month of August.

You will have detailed training instruction for every move from our Certified Personal Trainer. Nutrition tips from our Nutritionist to help you kick unhealthy habits. If you are a beginner or advanced you can count on modifications. It is important to listen to your body on your journey of health and wellness and we hope to inspire that.

The first part of the series will be sent to your email in August if you are subscribed to Fit Snack. Part two and three coming in September and October. Join our community, we promise it just keeps getting better!

November Fit Snack Workout

November Fit Snack Workout

Warm Up 5 minutes (Rotating each move for 30 seconds)

Butt Kicks

Mountain Climbers

High Knees

Jumping Alternating Lunges (Intermediate Only)

You’re November Workout Plan

Mon.       Legs – Cardio – Abs

Tues.      Arms – Cardio

Wed.      Cardio – Legs – Abs

Thurs.    Arms – Cardio

Friday    Yoga/Stretch


Cardio Options

10 min Jump Rope

10 min (Rotate 30 sec each) High Knees, Butt Kicks, Mountain Climbers, Jumping Jacks

10 min Running


Fit Snack Leg Workout

20 Four way lunges – reg., reverse, side to side and curtsey lunge

20 Wighted Squats 

40 Three way Calf Raises – 1. Toes apart & heels touching 2. Middle regular 3. Toes Touch & heels apart 


Fit Snack Arm Workout

20 Staggered Push Ups – Rt arm is 1 hand higher than left. After 10 reps switch.

20 Plank to Elbows – 1 rep is lowering to elbows, then raising to a full plank.

20 Tricep Push Ups – Push up with elbows touching your. sides


Fit Snack Ab Workout

20 Russian Twists (Position: bent knees, feet on floor, spine straight)

20 Leg Raises – Spine glued to the floor, activate lower abs tighten as you lower and lift.

20 Crunches – squeeze as you lower and raise.


Fit Snack Stretches, hold for 30 seconds each

Runners Lunge, lower your back knee to the ground

Sitting Legs wide, reach to the right side then the left.


We hope you enjoy your November Fit Snack Fitness Challenge designed by our Personal Trainer, Anita Muniz. We hope you can stick to the program. Anita is a triathlete, swimmer, runner and weight lifter. If you want a more in depth and personalized training program check out our Fit Snack Fitness Program we are launching especially for you. Designed by yours truly, I hope you enjoy every minute of it and may you gain motivation and strength daily. We want your input and feedback as we launch our Fitness Program so we can ensure it is perfect for you.


Core Workout from your Fit Snack Trainer

Core Workout from your Fit Snack Trainer

Do you have back pain or feel weakness in our lower abdomen? Is it hard for you to sit up straight for long without slouching? We have the workout just for you.

When you think of core work, an image of 6 pack abs might pop into your mind. When our trainer thinks of core she imagines chiseled #tanktop shoulders, a strong back and finally tight abs! This sets you up not only to look great, but to feel tight and strong from front to back.

Back pain is the leading cause of pain worldwide, which is exactly why we wanted to share this full CORE workout. Normally, when we think of our core, people think of having abs and how they look in the mirror. However, if you’re ignoring the back of your body and then you likely have some muscle imbalances and need to balance them out.

Here is what your Fit Snack Personal Trainer has to say:

First, “Engage” your core.

Here’s my first tip (I teach all of my clients): Engage your core – lying flat on the ground, pretend there is a string pulling your belly button to your spine. Inhale and expand your stomach then Exhale let all of the air out and squeeze feel your belly button go deeper towards your spine.

Here’s your workout! It can be done if you are at any fitness level, it includes modifications to give you, your perfect challenge. If you’re a beginner then you need this foundation and if you’re an advanced athlete we’ve included modifications for the best results. What you put in is exactly what you get out of it. Keep in mind if you have pain that feels like an injury you need to rest and contact a doctor first. If you have pain in the sense that your muscles are burning and sweat is dripping into your eyes, then good for you, you’ve entered #beastmode!

Last tip: Keep your core tight during this entire workout. The first exercise will fully engage your abs.

Welcome to your Core Sculpt Routine, let’s build your back and abs!

Perform 20 – 50 Reps of each exercise

Trainer recommends: 20 for Beginners & 50 for Advanced

Reverse Crunches – Lying on the ground, arms down to your sides, bend at the knees with your heels touching the ground and feet flexed. Keep your spine glued to the floor the entire movement (Key here: pretend someone is trying to push a pencil between your back and the ground. NO space, keep it pressed tightly to the ground and feel your abs engage!). Now lift both feet bringing your knees in towards your chest. Lift and lower that’s 1!

Beginner – Start by slowly lifting and lowering 1 foot at a time. Keep your feel flexed (see below).

Advanced – Extend both legs out with a slight bend in the knees. Lift and lower while keeping every vertebrae in your spine glued to the ground. Make sure not even a pencil could get through.


Hip Thrusters – Same lying position, arms down at your sides and bent knees. Keep your feet flat on the ground the entire time. Engage your core and lift your hips off of the ground, pause at the top then slowly bring your hips down to the ground. Hips up and squeeze your glutes (bum) at the top, release and slowly lower butt to the ground.

Beginner – Lift and lower your hips slowly without pausing at the top.

Advanced – Lift 1 leg reaching your toe to the sky then lift with 1 leg!


Mountain Climbers ‘High Hips’ – Start in plank position jump your Rt foot to your Rt hand. Now left foot to left hand. Bring your hips as high as they can go then switch, that’s 1!

Beginner –  Be sure not to drag your feet on the ground. The Key here is to: Lift each foot as you jump to that hand. Rt foot to Rt hand, then Lft foot to left hand.

Advanced – Bring hips as high as you can. You may be able to get to where your neck, shoulders and wrists are stacked almost in a hand stand when you jump. Feel it in your shoulders here and keep a tight core.


Push Ups – Start with your hands on the ground wrists below your shoulders. Push up then slowly lower down until your chest is 1 inch from the ground.

Beginner – Start with your knees on the ground. Keep your body as straight as possible, if that’s to difficult then raise your hips for an easier push up.

Advanced – You can lift 1 leg. If that’s to easy then add a clap in between each push up! Try doing both for a fun challenge.


Downward Dog Push Ups – In the downward dog position slightly bend your elbows and lower your head until you’re 1 inch from the floor (keep your spine straight). Basically a mini push up with your hips high in the air.

Beginner – Warm up before this movement with a push up on your knees then raise your hips high and slowly ease into the movement. Slow and controlled.

Advanced – Place your feet on a bench, hands on the ground about 1 foot from the bench to keep your body at a 45 degree angle with hips high.


Supermans for Lower Back – Lying on the ground with your face to the floor, extend your arms straight in front of you. Lift your chest off of the ground – keeping your feet on the ground – as your chest comes off the ground bring your arms bent to your sides. This move looks like overhead press only you are lying on your stomach.

Beginner – Keep your feet on the ground and start with a slight stretch to warm up. Lying on your stomach, slowly lift your chest and press your hands into the ground for a good pre stretch.

Advanced – Lift your chest and as you perform your lying shoulder press squeeze your shoulder blades together.


Rear Donkey Kicks – On all fours bring your knee to your chest, then raise your heel to the sky and pause then lower. The entire movement keep your leg at a 45 degree angle (perfect bend). When you raise your leg, squeeze your glutes (bum muscles). Perform all reps on 1 leg at a time.

Beginner – Skip the pause, bring heel to the sky then lower. Keep the motion slow and controlled.

Advanced – With each rep squeeze your glutes at the top and pulse for 5 seconds then lower. Keep your glutes tight and your core tight through the entire motion.

Remember: If you want RESULTS it’s all about doing it right not fast! It’s NOT a race, it’s all in the details. In this case, your form.

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