Merging two cultures in one cup of tea. As if that’s not cool enough you can enjoy this tea in a bottle and have teatime on the go. Wicked Lekker combines all things wicked and awesome with all things Lekker. Lekker is an Afrikaans word for luscious or amazing!


Now that we’ve got your attention, this Rooibos tea meets and exceeds all expectations taking the nutritional value of tea to a whole new level. As the name brings two cultures together they have married the perfect complimentary list of ingredients in the Wicked Lekker Rooibos tea with Moringa.

With a taste as delicious and crisp as a fall day, its ingredients will leave you craving more.

Organic Rooibos | Moringa | Wild Flower Honey

Learn some Lekker facts about these ingredients!

“Superfood tea?” you ask. “Why yes”, but let’s see just how super!

Ready for Tea Time 101!

Ingredients Breakdown:


A naturally caffeine free and calming herbal infusion. To top it off it has some serious health-enhancing properties.

Organic Moringa aka “the tree of life”

  • 93 nutrients
  • 46 natural antioxidants
  • 9 essential amino acids

This is only one of their teas check out this flavor selecion

To Bring it full Circle

Wicked Lekker also gives back in a huge way. Donating to the Elephant Crisis Fund in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Network and Save the Elephants. Their donation supports the most effective efforts aimed to stop the ivory trade. Did you know every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for it’s tusks?

Cheers to drinking a tea with ingredients and a cause you can get behind!

Click here to stock up on your superfood tea and get be a part of a beautiful cause.

Well it’s as sweet and simple as that.