Fit Snack Team’s Up with Ultima Replenisher to provide you with the ultimate COVID hydration packs.

Fit Snack Team’s Up with Ultima Replenisher to provide you with the ultimate COVID hydration packs.

If you’ve been with Fit Snack for more than a month, you know that Ultima Replenisher is one of our longest-running partners. What you may not know is that earlier this summer, we teamed up on a mission to help not only our subscribers but our COVID front line workers.

You may be wondering, why is Fit Snack making such a big deal about hydration during the pandemic? 

When it comes to fighting illness-triggered dehydration, fluids aren’t the only factor. Electrolytes are important in maintaining the body’s pH levels and helping cells absorb and use the fluids you’re taking in. Ultima Replenisher’s natural, vegan/keto-friendly electrolyte powder is helping thousands ward of dehydration and keep themselves hydrated the clean way. Ultima Replenisher is an advanced, balanced electrolyte drink that provides highly effective hydration using only clean ingredients, electrolytes and no sugar, calories, or carbs. Ultima includes electrolytes and trace minerals (Potassium, Magnesium, Chloride, Calcium, Selenium, Phosphorus), plus support minerals (including Vitamin C & zinc) that work together to provide restorative hydration.


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White Chocolate Almond

White Chocolate Almond

Barebells, muscles and love.

100 % Barebellicious

Available in five incredible flavors. Barebells protein bars were born to wow your taste buds! All with no added sugar*, 20 grams of protein, without palm oil and never compromising on flavor. You’re welcome! 

This month, enjoy White Chocolate Almond in your Fit Snack Box

Barebells believes in happy eating and healthy living. That’s why they offer a whole range of protein bars – all equally Barebellicious. What are you craving today?
The brand was launched in Sweden 2016 and offers a range of protein bars that never compromises with flavor.

From Ironman to Crossfit, the Barebell athletes are kicking butt and taking names. When you are training weather it be to compete or simply to get yourself into better shape, one there are two top challenges.

Challenge 1. How do you get enough protein?

Challenge 2. How do you live without sweets and decadent flavors?

Barebells will help you to meet these challenges face on with their functional yet satisfying selection of protein bars.

A little more about the Barebells White Chocolate Almond Protein Bar:

As delicious as it sounds, it is the perfect choice for everyone on the lookout for that extra protein fuel or when your taste buds want something really tasty. The bar is without palm oil, completely free from added sugars* and high in protein. White chocolate and almonds are a match made in heaven!

To purchase, visit Amazon Here

Top Seedz Roasted Maple

Top Seedz Roasted Maple

The Top Seedz Maple Magic roasted seeds are the perfect treat. Enjoy them with fruit and yogurt, on a cheese board, or on their own.

Roasted Maple comes just in time for that cold weather comfort…

They say a home isn’t a home until you’ve roasted something yummy or baked cookies in it. We believe that this is because of the importance of bringing sweetness into all of the senses of your world. The smell, the warmth, the mouth watering deliciousness make us feel comfy and cozy.

In addition to the comforts, the sweetness of roasted Maple brings an unexpected source of essential minerals, including calcium, zinc, magnesium and potassium.

With Top Seedz Remember:

It’s simple really: good, natural ingredients make you feel good naturally. 

Top Seedz Magic Maple has only 4 ingredients! Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, olive oil. Talk about an easy label to read.

Top Seedz Vision:

“When we eat healthy,
we can create positive change within ourselves and in the world.”

To purchase, visit

Prince of Peace Ginger Chews with Lychee

Prince of Peace Ginger Chews with Lychee

Combining natural flavors with the benefits of ginger, Ginger Chews with Lychee are a soft & chewy, sweet & spicy treat that will satisfy your craving of exotic flavors. 

The World of Ginger

Exploring how ginger is used around the world, may open up your world to the possibilities os ginger!

  • Ginger is a fruit-of-all-trades, it is used in many forms. Ginger is enjoyed fresh, dried, ground into a powder, frozen, turned into a liquid or pickled. Because of the many forms that it can take on, it is popular in countries all around the world.
  • In Asian Countries, Ginger is used as an ingredient in many types of meals. As well as enjoyed along side the meal. Originated in China, Ginger has also been used for its medicinal properties such as aiding in digestion.
  • Inspired from Japan, but enjoyed around the world, ginger is an important condiment to go along with sushi. This is due to digestive aid properties, but also more importantly is powerful ability to cleanse the pallet between bites so that each piece of fish can be enjoyed.
  • In the U.S. it is more common to enjoy ginger when visiting an Asian restaurant, however; with companies like Prince Of Peace packaging it up so nicely, it’s a lot easier to enjoy it at home on a more regular basis.
  • Continuing our journey South, Mexico uses ginger in red enchilada sauce, moles and pipians. 
  • Ginger is also enjoyed in many Carribean dishes, though it isn’t native, the climate is perfect for Ginger cultivation. As a result the Caribbean is famous for jerk ginger and ginger beer.
  • One thing that the entire world has in common when enjoying ginger is using it as a confectionary in candies, cakes and pastries.
  • Prince of Peace had a vision of bringing ginger into our homes in delightfully packaged bites blended with delicious flavors for everyone to enjoy it. They bring the world of ginger right to you.

Exotic Ginger with Lychee inspired this world tour of ginger. Did you know that Lychee is also packed with nutritional benefits. This month, enjoy this exotic blend and the benefits that both ginger and lychee have to offer.

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Acorn Bar

Acorn Bar

AcornBar is a delicious blend of  “Just The Good Stuff.”

This month enjoy their Original Flavor a blend of Coconut, Ginger, and Apricot.

Baked with All-Natural Ingredients: Baked with Oats, Apple Puree, Acorn Starch, Coconut Oil, Rice Syrup, Brown Cane Sugar, Organic Ginger Chips and Coconut Flakes. That’s it!


That’s why an AcornBar is gluten-free goodnessTM.

The Anatomy of an Acorn

A) Cup or cupule, B) Pericarp (fruit wall) C) Seed coast (testa), D) Cotyledons (2) E) Plumul F)Radicle G) Remains of style. Together D, E, and F make up the embryo. 

You’ve probably heard the phrase many parts are edible…well, with an acorn, it seems the entire nut can be used. Not necessarily just to eat, but it’s shell and tannins can be used as well.

The unheralded acorn is a very sustainable food source providing nutrients essential to maintain a healthy body. It can help improve digestion, reduces symptoms to help manage Asthma, inhibits an enzyme reaction which contributes to diabetes management, boosts bone health with an abundance of minerals, improves metabolic activity, plus the tannins extracted from the seeds can be used to topically reduce inflammations and rashes.

Miracle nut? Well…It just has a lot going for it.

The tannins are used as an ingredient in ink. The shell can be used for animal feed.

And, there’s a lot more.

The Acorn Story:

“Living in Thousand Oaks for over 25 years, we planted oak trees to make a forest, we visited the rocks where the Chumash ground their flour. Each Fall acorns fall into swimming pools and are in parking lots smashed on the asphalt. And then you look at your cereal and your bread and realize how far it has travelled to feed you when you could be a “locavoire” and do what the Chumash who have lived tens of thousand of years did, eat acorns which grow in this area. As our journey for sourcing branched out, we found that acorns have been eaten for thousands of years in South Korea, China, Spain, and Greece. And, there are sources for high-quality, gluten free, kosher acorn sources in these countries. So, as we develop our local acorn source we are able to bring you Gluten Free Goodness today.”

To purchase, visit and use coupon code FitSnack20 for 20% off. Each box is packed with 6 – 1.75 oz bars!

Vegan Walnut Brownie Protein Bites

Vegan Walnut Brownie Protein Bites

Fudgy protein packed brownies, what else could you need in your life?

Maconutrients per serving(3 bites): Protein: 9g | Carbohydrate: 18g | Fat: 9g 

Ingredients: oats, vegan brownie batter(cocoa powder, monk fruit sweetner, almond flour, olive oil, chocolate chips), cashew butter, walnut butter, chocolate chips, vegan chocolate protein powder, coconut oil, dates, flax seed, and hemp seed.

About Eat-fficient:

“Ever since I was a child, food has been a fundamental part of how I experience the world and connect with others”. ~Founder Eat-fficient

The Eat-fficient Story:

When I was 4, I remember watching my father chop vegetables while I sat on the kitchen counter and helping my parents bring each plate to the dinner table. These moments of connecting defined my love of cooking throughout childhood. 

When I was 12, I opened up Brookie’s Cookies and baked every day after school, often sharing these sweet treats with my family!

When I left for college, my parents were confident in my ability to take care of myself because my father taught me how to cook almost everything.

Now as an adult, I enjoy nothing more than cooking for others and sharing food with friends. Even when I am stressed out, it’s well known that I can most likely be found in the kitchen baking my old school recipe of chocolate chip cookies.

Before starting this platform and service, I continued to hear busy professionals and parents talk about the difficulty of getting proper meals on the table, yet I knew from my own experience as a long-time foodie and nutritional consultant that there was another way. I realized that all these people needed was a little guidance, a push in the right direction. With a few simple tools, cooking would no longer be seen as a stressful chore and instead as an efficient and easeful part of their daily lives. It is my goal to teach others how to eat well, thus defying the stigma that meal prep sucks and that eating for our health is challenging.

This is also a space for some of our favorite foodies- from farmers to ranchers and artisans- to come together to showcase their products.

To purchase, visit and use coupon code fitsnack for 20% off.