Ka-Pop! | Cinnamon Churro Puffs

Ka-Pop! | Cinnamon Churro Puffs

With only 3 grams of sugar per serving, this is an indulgent, any-time treat you won’t want to share!

Ka-Pop! is packed with so much flavor, there’s no room for the bad stuff!

KaPop! snacks are always vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, allergen-free, BUT NOT TASTE FREE!

In a perfectly poppable ring shape, we bake to perfection – never frying – to get all of the texture and flavor you love from those bad-for-you rings, but in a good-for-you recipe. 0g sugar and a flavor that keeps you coming back ‘for just one more’.

Fuel your neck road trip or pair with your favorite cold beverages!

To purchase, visit www.kapopsnacks.com and use coupon code fitsnack20 to save 20% off your next purchase.

Fiber Gourmet | Everything Hexagon Crackers

Fiber Gourmet crackers have 53% less calories per serving compared to the leading brand. Delicious on its own, and perfect with your favorite dip!

Fiber Gourmet crackers have 53% less calories per serving compared to the leading brand. Delicious on its own, and perfect with your favorite dip!

FIBER GOURMET’S HEXAGON CRACKERS The perfect addition to any dip for healthier snacking!

Packed with an unmatched 14g of heathy fiber in each delectable serving, keeps you full with better-for-you fiber.

FG crackers have just 70 calories (which means FG crackers have an unprecedented 53% less calories than standard full calorie crackers).

FG crackers have 8g net carbs in each delicious serving versus the leading standard crackers with 19g net carbs Did we mention, our crackers taste incredible? Take a bite to find out what all the fuss is about.

To purchase, visit https://fibergourmet.com/ and use the coupon code fitsnack20 to save 20% on your purchase.

Try Fiber Gourmet’s Avacado Cilantro Hummus recipe that makes for a great addition to their Everything Hexagon Crackers.

Moon Fruit Snacks

Moon Fruit Snacks

Moon Fruit, an innovative snack for kids, is a new twist on the beloved smoothie. It’s made of whole fruits blended into favorite smoothie flavors like strawberry banana or blended berry. It’s then shaped into fun-sized bites and freeze-dried for a big CRUNCH!!

• Kids love the smoothie flavors, the big crunch and the puzzles, fun facts and riddles that are on the back of the space themed packaging.

• Parents appreciate how nutritious it is with no added sugar and absolutely no preservatives. They also love that their kids want it!

Moon Fruit was developed by two moms, Stephanie and Anne, who were commiserating about the difficulty of finding healthy snacks that kids are excited about. The conversation evolved into a challenge: How do we satisfy the “Parental Trifecta of Snacking” and create a snack that 1) kids love 2) parents feel good about serving and 3) it’s convenient

Our promise to you is that our ingredients will be whole and natural. We care about eating real food that is not over-processed, synthetic, or created-in-a-lab. Our food is guilt-free, junk-free, and provides nutrition in every bite. Everything we make is food we enjoy eating with a flavor we’re proud to serve.

-Moon Fruit Snacks

Try over cereal or yogurt!

Save 20% on your purchase of Moon Fruit Snacks when you use the code fitsnack20 at check out.