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Rejuven8 with Proper Protein Intake

Not every protein is created equally. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan knowledge of proteins and understanding your sources of protein are important and crucial to properly rejuven8 your body. We have complete proteins and incomplete proteins. Regardless of your...

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Mind Body | Part II

Welcome to the launch of part two of the three part Mind Body series. Our Nutritionist and Personal Trainer designed a simple three part workout and nutrition series.  The purpose, to use Nutrition and Training guidance to maximize your energy and vitality in your...

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The Ultimate Adventure Bar

Imagine waking up every morning and going to work on the river in the Grand Canyon. Now this is a beautiful place, you know, where you work. The inspiration that comes from working in a place like this is insurmountable. The possibilities are endless, but at the end...

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Sexy Summer Snacks

Feel sexy all summer long with these Fit Snacks. Our promise is: They look as good as they taste and make you feel amazing too. We taste test every snack and review every ingredient one by one. Fit Snacks are best enjoyed when you are living a lifestyle that makes you...

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The Art of Broth

Busy. It’s a word we use more than we probably realize. We think about how “busy” our lives are and we often tell people how “busy” we are - even on our not so busy days. In a typical day we take a break from work and grab a warm cup of caffeinated coffee or tea....

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Body for summer or Body for life?

Summer time and the snacks to go with it. Time to discover new adventures, get outside and take a deep breath of that fresh summer air. Discover the new and healthy snacks that make you feel better with every bite. Packed with protein, low in sugar and high in flavor....

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Sore lower back? Trainer Tips to Recover

This blog is meant to guide you on how to prevent injuries, relieve pain and sculpt the muscles your body depends on the most. A balanced physique starts with your core and lower back, these areas contain the main muscle groups responsible for good posture. If you...

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