We’re kicking summer of right with our first Gluten Free Fit Snack box. Okay so maybe we’re not Gluten Free every month, but this month is extra special. The June Fit Snack box is 100% Gluten Free for all of our #GF foodies and snack lovers. Every box is 80% GF, we just wanted you to feel spoiled. Your Sneak Peek into this beautiful #GF box starts with pure gourmet goodness.

Sneak Peek at the Gluten Free June Fit Snack box

Eating healthy while on the go just got easier & more flavorful! Q Cups™ combine organic quinoa with delicious natural flavors for a savory snack that’s ready in just 5 minutes! It’s organic, gluten free and non-gmo.

If you know Fit Snack, then you know we love convenient, healthy and delicious snacks. Each flavor of Q – Cups pack all of these qualities into one. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s our Nutritionists breakdown. . .

Southwestern BBQ: NonGMO, GF with 7g Pro and only 220 calories

Let’s start with these ingredients, veggies and delicious seasonings to flavor the quinoa to BBQ perfection. If you love peppers then there’s three ingredients you’ll be pretty happy about – chipotle peppers, red bell peppers & chile peppers. Beans and quinoa for some highly bioavailable protein. By highly bioavailable I mean it is more available for your cells and is more easily absorbed by them. These are foods you want to consider your primary proteins. Secondary proteins can be found in foods like oatmeal, rice and potatoes – these won’t get you to your intake goals alone.

Savory Garlic & Mushroom: NonGMO, GF with 6g protein and only 210 calories

Step one, ingredients breakdown. Organic Quinoa of course, shiitake mushrooms and a chive garlic seasoning blend. Looking closely at the blend it’s based on whole food ingredients. Ellyndale naturals takes great care in their ingredients you can count on the rich flavors of whole foods and veggies in this Q Cup.

Organic Quinoa: Organic, NonGMO & GF with 6g pro and only 220 calories

Back to basics with the quintessential organic quinoa. The ingredients consist of organic quinoa and sea salt and in the world of wholesome, whole food nutrition it’s a simple as that. This Q Cup has 6g protein and very low sodium. In fact all of their cups have 80% less sodium than your typical lunch cup. Now you know where to look for a clean tasting, nutrient packed grab-n-go snack.

After taste testing all of the flavors extensively ;), we’ve decided the original taste great with a salad. The Savory Garlic and Mushroom is perfect to pair with green beans and/or a small piece of chicken. Finally, we found the Southwestern BBQ may disappear before you have a chance to add anything else. Delicious is the word.

If you’re interested in quinoa recipes click here. Visit www.nowfoods.com to get your Q Cups for a quick grab-n-go meal.