AcornBar is a delicious blend of  “Just The Good Stuff.”

This month enjoy their Original Flavor a blend of Coconut, Ginger, and Apricot.

Baked with All-Natural Ingredients: Baked with Oats, Apple Puree, Acorn Starch, Coconut Oil, Rice Syrup, Brown Cane Sugar, Organic Ginger Chips and Coconut Flakes. That’s it!


That’s why an AcornBar is gluten-free goodnessTM.

The Anatomy of an Acorn

A) Cup or cupule, B) Pericarp (fruit wall) C) Seed coast (testa), D) Cotyledons (2) E) Plumul F)Radicle G) Remains of style. Together D, E, and F make up the embryo. 

You’ve probably heard the phrase many parts are edible…well, with an acorn, it seems the entire nut can be used. Not necessarily just to eat, but it’s shell and tannins can be used as well.

The unheralded acorn is a very sustainable food source providing nutrients essential to maintain a healthy body. It can help improve digestion, reduces symptoms to help manage Asthma, inhibits an enzyme reaction which contributes to diabetes management, boosts bone health with an abundance of minerals, improves metabolic activity, plus the tannins extracted from the seeds can be used to topically reduce inflammations and rashes.

Miracle nut? Well…It just has a lot going for it.

The tannins are used as an ingredient in ink. The shell can be used for animal feed.

And, there’s a lot more.

The Acorn Story:

“Living in Thousand Oaks for over 25 years, we planted oak trees to make a forest, we visited the rocks where the Chumash ground their flour. Each Fall acorns fall into swimming pools and are in parking lots smashed on the asphalt. And then you look at your cereal and your bread and realize how far it has travelled to feed you when you could be a “locavoire” and do what the Chumash who have lived tens of thousand of years did, eat acorns which grow in this area. As our journey for sourcing branched out, we found that acorns have been eaten for thousands of years in South Korea, China, Spain, and Greece. And, there are sources for high-quality, gluten free, kosher acorn sources in these countries. So, as we develop our local acorn source we are able to bring you Gluten Free Goodness today.”

To purchase, visit and use coupon code FitSnack20 for 20% off. Each box is packed with 6 – 1.75 oz bars!