Let’s tear open a bag of decadent granola that will make your taste buds oh so happy. Bakery on Main has created a snack that will satisfy your sweet and crunchy craving without any of the guilt. 

This decadent whole-grain granola is packed with beneficial nutrients and 16g whole grains per serving. Combining the delicious flavors of dark chocolate and premium nuts and  rainbow sprinkles. 

Since 1972 Bakery on Main has prided themselves on their ability to craft incredibly delicious gluten free and celiac friendly granola. It’s their belief that everyone should be able to enjoy food that doesn’t sacrifice taste for wholesomeness and fits perfectly into any individualized dietary wants and needs.

Simple, effortless eating and snacking that’s always on your terms”

-Bakery On Main

What way are you going to enjoy this decadent snack?

Over Ice cream         Straight out of the bag    Over a bowl of milk

To purchase, visit BakeryOnMain.com