BeBold Bars 

After founding Stacy’s® Pita Chip Company and helping to reinvent the way people snack, Stacy is at it again with the creation of BeBOLD bars. Their first and foremost differentiator is TASTE. Utilizing the same strategy as they did with the Pita Chip Company by leading with the mindset that bars are snacks and snacks should TASTE GREAT! 

BeBold bars are healthy energy bars made with nutritious nut butters, oats, chocolate chips, chia, Brazil nuts, walnuts, dark maple syrup, and wildflower honey. Simple ingredients make them delicious. All BeBold does is mix, press, cut and package. 

 Wrapping simple and delicious into one great bar  

What can you expect out of your bars? 

  • Gluten and Dairy free 
  • 18g Whole Grains 
  • 7 g Protein from plants 

These bars are made with wholesome ingredients that use nut butters, honey and maple as their natural binders. So, storing them in the fridge will guarantee ideal flavor and best texture for the BeBold Bars. Don’t worry if you’re on the run these bars can be enjoyed for up to 14 days out of the refrigerator.  

To purchase, visit and use coupon code  FITSNACK20 for 20% off.