Fit Life Hacks

Fit Life Hacks

Does the thought of a “healthy” or “healthier” lifestyle overwhelm you? Do you ever consider changing your life then suddenly change your mind. Well I’m here to help change it back.

You were on the right track you just have to start small with some reliable advice -today in the form of Fit Life Hacks. The media tells us to do the latest fancy diet. Next thing you know all of your fancy money is gone, you’ve lost 5 lbs just to gain 10lbs, not exactly what you signed up for. It’s true. FACT: 95% of people who lose weight by dieting will regain it in 1-5 years. (

Diets may work for some people. 

Of course they do. Diets may work for the people who invented them, simply because they created THIER perfect diet for THEIR body and needs. A fun fact is, some of these DIETS people create have made those same people sick. Many diets are unrealistic because they don’t contain what you need and are not sustainable. Every individual has a specific lifestyle surrounding their eating habits. Their diet is not a food plan, but the food they naturally eat, which fits their lifestyle. Fit Life Hack: You need a permanent change, not a temporary fix.

Time for change.

First, find a qualified pro. A Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer who will guide you through your lifestyle changes and create the ideal program to fit you. Perform a credentials check. Find a Nationally Certified Trainer and a Nutritionist with an education you can count on (a degree from an accredited university). Our Fit Snack Nutritionist has a B.S. in Human Nutrition and over 10 training certifications NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) is at the top of the list. Fit Life Hack: Work with a pro who can help you be the best you! Ready to get started?

Let’s take the focus off of the DIET and put it on our HABITS.

If you want to change your habits the best way to do so is…one by one. Fit Life Hack: Change certain behaviors without focusing on food, but focusing on what is surrounding your eating habits. Let’s start with:

Three tips for your eating habits make over!
  1. Client: “I don’t like to eat breakfast.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Nutritionist/Trainer: “No problem, start your day with a light 20 min fasting cardio session. Within 30 min drink a green smoothie (5 almonds, 2c. kale & Purely Inspired vegan Protein). Hearty Snack Tip: Get this, lunch time is the best time to indulge. Indulge smart. Eat a high protein snack like a Snickerdoodle Cookie from Buff Bake -gluten free & NonGMO- with fruit. An apple boosts metabolism and the fiber will keep you full. If you have a sweet tooth add a spoonful of Nutiva Hazelnut Spread to half and eat the other half plain. You’re probably thinking, “Did my Nutritionist just tell me to eat a cookie and chocolate as a snack?” The answer is yes, but the point is you enjoy a high quality cookie that is a high protein snack. Indulge smart. Regular cookie NO, Buff Bake cookie YES~! If you crave sugar this can be a good time to get that out of the way for the day. It’s about changing your habits and moderation is key.”
  2. Client: “I graze and eat junk, no time for meals.”                                                                                                                                                                                                     Nutritionist/Trainer: “You can graze, just graze on the right things and let’s talk about small, convenient meals. Spend a little time buying the right foods, your reward is a lot more energy. Something as simple as chips and a salad can be perfect for grazing. Rise Buddy chips has all of the best flavors and are baked, NOT fried and made with rice. Make your salad using Spinach or Kale, Chicken and/or Nuts for protein and Dried fruits from Made In Nature – free of all of the junk (sugar and sulfur) that is usually added. No time to add meat to your salad? Just choose a meat bar as a snack. Bricks Bars has delicious flavors made with veggies in their ingredients.”
  3. Client: “I eat most of my food at night and am eating late every night.”                                                                                                                                     Nutritionist/Trainer: “Make your dinner plate with half veggies. Green veggies can really fill you up, then you eat less of the stuff you don’t need as much. Second, plan a few snacks that will satisfy those salty cravings we get in front of the T.V. or after a long day. Edamame is great, instead of salt get it frozen or fresh and just make an awesome sauce for flavor. Awesome sauce: Aminos Coconut flavor and Siracha. Have some fun with sauces, this will make your night time snacking so tasty you won’t crave junk. Then if you’re eating late, brush your teeth around 8pm and you won’t want to eat after that.”

Nutritionist/Trainer: “Take everything I’ve said with a grain of salt. Change your lifestyle to fit your personal style. Add your small touch to each tip. Here’s an example. Say you don’t like breakfast, apples or chocolate. That’s fine, what DO you like?”

Client: Peanut butter and banana

Nutritionist/Trainer: Great, add those to a plain Rice Cake and you’re good to go! Keep it simple and have fun.

It’s time we change our thinking. Switch out eating junk food for whole foods and snacks that are made with real foods. The Real Food Bar from Complete Nutrition is the perfect example and the snacks in your Fit Snack box. Think real food equals simple ingredients. Happy Snacking! Looking forward to our next chat.

Your Fit Snack Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

Achieve Your Goals With Charge On Real Food Protein Bars

Achieve Your Goals With Charge On Real Food Protein Bars

Charge On Protein
Featured in our March Fit Snack Box, Charge On Real Food Protein Bars offer real nutrition from real food – exactly what you need to reach your fitness goals in 2017.

At the start of the year, many of us made resolutions to workout more and live healthier lives. But, when life gets in the way, our wellness goals are usually the first to fall by the wayside.

So, in case you, or someone you know, need a little extra inspiration, Fit Snack and Charge On Real Food Protein Bars are here to help.

A lack of time is the most common obstacle cited in maintaining a regular workout schedule. However, there are many fast and easy workout methods to re-energize your 2017 fitness regimen.
  • Wearable Technology – fitness trackers and smart watches allow you to set goals and count steps over the course of the day. When life is busy, you can reach your goals while remaining on the go.
  • Body Weight Training – don’t have time to hit the gym. No problem. Utilize body weight training routines to workout anywhere, anytime.
  • Outdoor Activities – have a hard time hitting the gym. Take a hike, bike or walk with friends and family. You can spend with your loved ones while getting in the best shape of your life.
  • Smart Phone Exercise App’s – there’s an app for that? Of course, there is. Purchase a few workout applications for your phone. You can select the duration of an exercise, and you’ll never run out of good training ideas.

These workout trends for 2017 are perfect for the person with a busy lifestyle. Pick your favorites, work hard, and most importantly, have fun.

But while you’re burning calories, you’ll need proper nutrition to support your body. Charge On Real Food Protein Bars has you covered.

“The Charge On Real Food Protein Bar is designed for people who want real nutrition from real food! This naturally sweetened healthy snack includes ingredients such as almond butter, coconut oil, cherries, and cashews.”

With active ingredients that aid in muscle repair, recovery, and strength, eat a Charge On Real Food Protein Bar whenever you need an extra charge!




The RISE of Healthy “Junk” Food

The RISE of Healthy “Junk” Food

Do you have unhealthy snack foods in your pantry that you’re struggling to give up? If so, you’re not alone. Cutting out junk food snacking is a seriously hard habit to kick.

Plus, when it comes to junk food, we all have a different Achilles heel. At the top of the list for many people are good old-fashioned potato chips.

However, underneath taste bud tantalizing flavors in fun to eat shapes and sizes, potato chips present some serious problems to your health. The negative health effects of potato chips include:

  • Weight gain – a study of over 100,000 participants found that potato chips caused more weight gain than sugar-sweetened beverages.
  • High in sodium– sodium consumption makes bodies retain water, burdening heart and blood vessels.
  • Empty calories – when you’re body is not satiated by the foods you eat, you tend to overeat, missing out on crucial nutrients.

But have no fear fellow snackers. Healthy “junk” food options do exist!

Rise Buddy to the rescue!

Rise Buddy Logo

A game changer in the healthy snacking revolution, Rise Buddy is featured in Fit Snacks March box. Great tasting, healthy and familiar in all the right ways, Rise Buddy is here to replace that unhealthy potato chip habit.

“Rise Buddy is the “new chip” off the old block. We taste just like the couch potato chip, but we’re Gluten Free, Trans-fat Free and best of all made from “whole grain” brown rice. That means families all snack smart.”

Rise Buddy Baked Rice Snacks bags

Rise Buddy is the amazing, 100% whole grain brown rice snack…and that means guilt free snacking.

The folks at Rise Buddy bring a family-focused mission to snacking. “We should be offering more healthy alternatives to our families. Rise Buddy is a snack targeted to disrupt the junk food market; by introducing an alternative and better snack.” We couldn’t agree more!

Rise Buddy is even Smart Snack approved, which means it exceeds all USDA’s nutritional standards for schoolchildren.

Goodbye potato chips. Hello Rise Buddy!

Try this amazing new product today with this exclusive Fit Snack offer: Use FIT38JOJ to receive 15% off Amazon orders until April 15, 2017. Click HERE and order Rise Buddy today.

Tickle Water and Vita Five: For The Nutritious Family

Tickle Water and Vita Five: For The Nutritious Family

Ok, let’s be honest. Getting your kids to enjoy nutrition is not always an easy task. Plus, we think you have enough on your plate already.

Luckily, cutting edge brands like Tickle Water and Vita Five are here to save the day. Featured in our February Fit Snack box, both these brands produce highly nutritious products to support a healthy family.

Tickle Water is the first unsweetened sparkling water developed for kids. Offering flavors like Cola, Green Apple, and Watermelon, your children will be begging for this tasty and nutritious soda alternative.

Tickle Water bottle being held in hand

We have no problem saying it – traditional soda is terribly unhealthy. With Tickle Water, you can avoid the pitfalls of soda, which include:

  • Sugar
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Caffeine

Coming in kid friendly bottle sizes containing the perfect amount of bubbles, Tickle Water is a parents dream come true. Tickle Water provides hydration and great taste, positively impacting your child’s health.

Drink Tickle Water straight or mix it with other healthy ingredients to create tantalizing, taste bud concoctions for your little ones. Currently, our favorite Tickle Water mix is the Watermelon Ginger Fizz. Check out the recipe below.

Next, we’re proud to highlight Vita Five, a revolutionary gummy vitamin company. Following the monthly subscription model, Vita Five sends gummy vitamin packs to customers for each day of the week, every four weeks.

Available for kids and adults, Vita Five has a gummy vitamin option tailored to children’s needs. Their Kids Health Packs focus on immunity, healthy bones and kids essentials.

Vita Five Gummy Vitamins Package

For grown-ups, there is the option to create custom packs, choosing from a variety of great options, including:

  • Melatonin – natural hormone that aids in sleep
  • Omega 3 – reduces risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Multi-vitamin – includes a variety of necessary vitamins
  • Vitamin D3 – maintains health of bones and teeth
  • Vitamin C – enhances immune system
  • Calcium and D3 – crucial for bone strength and density
  • Biotin – strengthens hair, skin, and nails

Vita Five gummy vitamins are a great option for the whole family.

Try Vita Five gummies today. Use code fit30 at checkout for 30% off your order.
Field Trip Jerky – Not Just For Kids

Field Trip Jerky – Not Just For Kids

Field Trip Jerky is a new jerky brand that will make you feel like a kid again. This craft jerky brand, providing healthy and protein rich fuel for your body and mind, is quickly becoming a Fit Snack favorite.Image of Fit Snack box for February 2017. Shows products, weights and people working out in background.

Based out of Brooklyn, NY Field Trip Jerky “saw the need for healthier protein-rich snacks that didn’t sacrifice quality and taste.” The founders, who were inspired to set off on their jerky journey while on a ski trip in Vermont, have achieved that and much, much more.

We love the great tasting, all natural ingredients the jerky connoisseurs at Field Trip Jerky have cooked up. The antithesis to “junk food jerky” found in gas stations packed with sodium nitrates, preservatives, and gluten, the team at Field Trip Jerky has provided a revolutionary jerky that is anything BUT ordinary.

The health benefits of Field Trip Jerky make it the perfect snack for all the adventures that lie ahead:
  • Dried and seasoned with all natural ingredients. “A traditional cut of jerky, done right.”
  • Higher protein per ounce, less sodium, and less sugar.
  • Made with gluten free reduced sodium soy sauce. All products contain less than 5 ppm of wheat.

Catering to the protein preferences of jerky fans everywhere, Field Trip Jerky offers beef jerky, turkey jerky, and pork jerky. With flavors like original, cracked pepper, maple BBQ, teriyaki, sweet and spicy and toasted sesame, your taste buds will thank you.

Field Trip Jerky will make you want to go explore, live more adventurously and push your body and mind to new limits. The team at Field Trip Jerky will support your nutritional needs with a high quality, great tasting jerky snack for all the journeys that lie ahead. Explaining to your boss about the dramatic rise in sick days…well, that one’s up to you.

Here are five field trip ideas to go along with your tasty Field Trip Jerky:
  1. Snowshoeing
  2. Trail Running
  3. Paddle Boarding
  4. Camping
  5. Flash Mob Dancing
Rose Muniz Founder Jumping Holding Field Trip Jerky Stick

Fit Snack Founder Rose Muniz jumps for joy and Field Trip Jerky.

Grab a bag of Field Trip Jerky to share with friends, or an easy to carry, on the go stick for faster consumption.