Crunchy Bean Snacks are free of gluten, soy, nuts, and GMOs, and they are packed with protein, fiber and iron. Snack on!

Background of the beans. Snack Out Loud bean snacks are made with high quality organic beans that are grown right here in Colorado.

Liz Myslik, chief bean for Snack Out Loud, said, “We did meet directly with some of the farmers last year when we started. They told us most of the beans they grow are actually exported to Mexico, Central America, South America, because the market for beans, especially these high quality beans, just isn’t here in the United States right now. They’re very excited, too, to see the crops that they work so hard to grow to be enjoyed by consumers here in America.”

Beans, a Super Food. Find out why beans are an awesome super food at Some major reasons to eat beans are for the B vitamins. In the typical American diet we often lack these crucial vitamins, which serve to support your energy systems and prevent anemia. B vitamins are essential for energy and support the body in utilizing what we eat to provide the energy we need.

Flavor. The Jalapeno Cheddar flavor has a spicy after taste fulfilling any craving for a mix of salty and spicy snacking. If you are looking to incorporate all of this flavor into a meal check out the double crunch veggie roll @ There are some delicious recipes on the website Crunchy Bean Snacks can add that burst of flavor to a meal or simply be a delicious snack to keep on hand.