EarthChimp’s tale begins in Dublin, Ireland, where a dynamic duo, Dave and Laura, sought top-notch nutrition to fuel their bustling lives. Dave, a father and track athlete, alongside Laura, a medical doctor and mother, yearned for a plant-based protein shake to keep them fit and healthy while balancing their careers and family. This quest led to the birth of EarthChimp, a brand dedicated to providing nutritious, plant-based protein shakes.

Driven by a commitment to the environment, EarthChimp plants a tree for each order placed. Thousands of trees have already been rooted, with a million in their sights! Their unwavering dedication to nature guides every step of their journey. EarthChimp’s protein shakes are free from artificial ingredients and handcrafted in small batches in the Dublin mountains. Picture them as a microbrewery, but for vegan protein shakes!

EarthChimp shakes strike the perfect balance: not too sweet, not artificial, just right. Each shake is meticulously blended with botanical ingredients for a flavor Goldilocks would adore.

This Irish-made vegan shake is a nutritional powerhouse, delivering 20g of plant-based protein, fruits, flax, turmeric, and cinnamon per serving. It makes you feel as good about your body as EarthChimp does about the earth.

Each serving boasts 1 billion probiotics and 4g of fiber. Yay! It comes in two flavors: Chocolate and Plain and Unsweeted.

Whether it’s a nourishing breakfast smoothie, a quick workday shake, or a post-workout recovery shake, EarthChimp has you covered with 20g of organic plant-based protein per serving.

No need to worry; EarthChimp shakes contain none of the “naughty” stuff. No added sugar, sugar alcohols (erythritol), gums, carrageenan, added salt, soya, gluten, or lactose. Proudly made in Ireland!

Discover delicious recipes here: EarthChimp Recipes. Enjoy the goodness!

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