Eat-fficient protein bites are made with simple ingredients for clean energy. They are packed with protein, complex carbohydrates, as well as healthy fats to keep you fuller longer!

The Eat-fficient Story:

“Ever since I was a child, food has been a fundamental part of how I experience the world and connect with others.

When I was 4, I remember watching my father chop vegetables while I sat on the kitchen counter and helping my parents bring each plate to the dinner table. These moments of connecting defined my love of cooking throughout childhood. 

When I was 12, I opened up Brookie’s Cookies and baked every day after school, often sharing these sweet treats with my family!

When I left for college, my parents were confident in my ability to take care of myself because my father taught me how to cook almost everything.

Now as an adult, I enjoy nothing more than cooking for others and sharing food with friends. Even when I am stressed out, it’s well known that I can most likely be found in the kitchen baking my old school recipe of chocolate chip cookies. 

Before starting this platform and service, I continued to hear busy professionals and parents talk about the difficulty of getting proper meals on the table, yet I knew from my own experience as a long-time foodie and nutritional consultant that there was another way. I realized that all these people needed was a little guidance, a push in the right direction. With a few simple tools, cooking would no longer be seen as a stressful chore and instead as an efficient and easeful part of their daily lives. It is my goal to teach others how to eat well, thus defying the stigma that meal prep sucks and that eating for our health is challenging.

This is also a space for some of our favorite foodies- from farmers to ranchers and artisans- to come together to showcase their products.”

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