The story of when Milk decided it was time to Go Dairy Free.

Introducing the worlds first Pistachio Milk. This delicious milk alternative has a history as rich as it’s flavor. Elmhurst, New York known as the “Cross Roads of the World” by the New York Times is a special place in Queens, New York.

Elmhurst is a neighborhood rich in all of the best ways, rich with culture, flavors, foodies and diversity. It is no wonder then that Elmhurst Dairy® was founded there in 1920 by brothers Max and Arthur Schwartz. In the midst of the Industrial Revolution, they started bottling milk from their cows and delivering it door to door. In 1980, to continue their legacy, Max’s son, Henry Schwartz started Steuben Foods Inc.

We’re Nuts about Milk”

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No Lactase, No Gluten, No Soy & GMO Free

Today, Steuben Foods Inc. is looking at milk in a whole new “Dairy Free” light as Steuben Consumer Products presents their delicious Elmhurst Harvest dairy alternatives. More than simply providing Nut Milks, they’ve taken on the role of creating the world’s first Pistachio-based milk. As if that wasn’t enough they went on to release the first Walnut based Milk. Each type of Nut based milk comes in multiple flavors, see their selection here.

The Pistachio milk –found in your August Fit Snack box – comes in Vanilla, Unsweetened and Original. It is lower in sugar and fat than regular milk – you also get more of your Omega 3’s aka “healthy fats”.

1 carton of 2% school milk = 8 ounces, has over 12 g of sugar

 2% School Milk Carton

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The same amount = 8 ounces of Elmhurst Harvest Original Pistachio Milk has 8g of sugar

8 ounces Unsweetened Pistachio Milk has 0g of sugar! 1g Protein. Only 2g fat!

If you’re looking for a low fat, delicious Pistachio milk smoothie, look no further.

Real Life

Here’s a Pistachio Smoothie Recipe inspired by Elmhurst Harvest and created by our Nutritionist.

3/4 c. Elmhurst Harvest Pistachio Milk

1/2 c. Organic Strawberries          2 Tbsp Dairy Free Yogurt
3 ice cubes                                        1 Banana
2 Tbsp Dairy Free Dark Chocolate shavings (or a chocolate vegan protein powder)

When the kids start school and need a healthy dairy free alternative, it’s good to know Elmhurst Harvest has the best selection! You can count on their Nut Milks to be lower in sugar and fat. Shop Elmhurst Harvest for the cleanest and most delicious dairy alternatives.