Trainers Top 5 Workouts for Cross Training

The Fit Life Hacks of a Trainer are designed to help you train smarter, not harder. Are you getting the most out of the time you spend at the gym or do your goals seem farther and farther out of reach? In your fitness journey, just like in life you cannot be hesitant or afraid to make changes and use a new routine and hopefully change it up. Use different machines or exercises. The body is meant to move in different planes of motion and needs a healthy variety of exercises to evolve. Here are Top 5 workouts to maximize performance, paired with the perfect post workout snacks.

Cross training along with healthy eating are two habits that can become your body’s best defense against injuries.

1. Yoga

Yoga is a simple yet highly effective practice to awaken your mind and elevate your mind body connection. Only 10 minutes a day of practicing yoga, the relaxation and breathing methods can improve your wellbeing. Practicing yoga is the practice of building the body and the mind. This is why yoga is known specifically for how it increases energy and vitality, the two things we all need more of to live our best life.

You are what you do and you are what you drink.

Follow your yoga practice with the healthy Fawen Drinkable Soup. Made with pure, organic superfoods and the clean ingredients to replenish your nutrient stores. Vegan, Gluten Free, NonGMO and All-Natural it is everything you want in a drink and everything your body craves.

2. Calisthenics (body weight work)

Performing body weight work prior to any weight training exercise will fully engage your core and muscles you will not hit on any machine. When your core is engaged it is actively working during your entire workout. Implement body weight work in your warm ups and cool downs. It’s amazing what 5-10 minutes a day can do to increase total body strength over time.


Trainer Fit Life Hack: Chest Day/UpperBody – Pre Workout Push Ups

A variety of pre workout Push-ups should be a part of your warm up for chest day or abs. Warm up your wrists first and then perform different types of push-ups.

The Trainers Favorite Push Ups to implement:

Push Ups on Knees

Staggered Arms Push Ups

Incline Push Ups (feet elevated on a step or bench

3. Swimming

Swimming is ideal for rehabilitation of injured muscles and nerves, especially the injury to the sciatic nerve to relive back and leg pain. Being in or around water is highly therapeutic and a stress reliever.

Trainer Fit Life Hack: if you don’t swim laps, no problem, run in the water. There are so many activities you can do in the water the photo of Muhammad Ali throwing punches in the water is a prime example.

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4. Cardio after weights

Timing is everything! Increase the amount of fat burned, I’m talking about that stubborn fat. Even just 10 minutes of cardio a day, think about it, 10 minutes 3x a week is 30 minutes of cardio. Every minute counts! Every calorie burned and every pound of stubborn fat you lose makes a difference in how you FEEL. At the end of the day that’s what really matters. If you feel your best, you’ll be your best.

Trainer Fit Life Hack – Make your post weight training cardio enjoyable, not stressful. Relieve stress if you need to sprint then perform 5 sprints 30 seconds on 30 seconds rest, this will increase calories burned further. Then finish with 5 minutes of slow walking or low impact cardio (elliptical or bike).

Train Smart and Snack Smarter

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5. IMRPOVE your Stamina and your LIVER HEALTH with the exercise and the snack that promote liver health in a huge way!

Aerobics. Exercising can prevent and reverse fatty liver disease, a disease in which there is no medication and no treatment besides lifestyle changes. You can learn more about a healthy way to detox and your liver health at Amsety [enter link].


Trainer Fit Life Hacks: Think basketball, football and soccer drills these movements increase the calories burned. Interval training on any cardio machine or on a track with multidirectional movements can improve athletic performance. Who wouldn’t want to move like an athlete?

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To start to implement another “thing/workout” into your BUSY life, make it easy on yourself. Start light with the one that is the most relaxing for you. I prefer to walk stairs at a slow pace after leg day mixed with light stretches and leg lifts.

Treat Yo Self!

Once you add cross training to your routine, pat yourself on the back and have some dessert on us! Nutiva hazelnut spread over strawberries and banana slices and a healthy cookie. Our Nutritionist recommends this delicious treat! Enjoy, you earned it.