The world’s first natural immune-boosting antibiotic alternative which helps fight seasonal sickness symptoms at the source. Not intended to temporarily mask, cover-up or suppress symptoms, this high potency, nutrient-packed liquid formula is designed to quickly deliver full strength Prime Results!

Take at the first sign of symptoms. Taste the raw ingredients. Feel it working quickly. Experience the difference!


The story behind BPrime Health Boosters:

Many years ago while living overseas (from the mountains of Costa Rica to the Amazon jungles of Peru), my family and I discovered the powerful benefits of the natural ingredients now used in our patented formulated products.

Being a family with 5 children, we realized first-hand the frequent ineffectiveness of sugary cough syrups, the possible danger of an over-dependence on antibiotics, as well as the high cost/potential side effects of some pharmaceutical grade medicine.

We therefore decided as a family, to go the “natural route” as a better option to combat seasonal sickness and to boost our immune system throughout the year.

Our observation was that many people who were getting sick on a regular basis was due in part to a weak immune system, and a deficient diet. Often, when our family or friends would come down with congestion, phlegm, headache, stuffy nose, aches, pains, or chills, we would provide them a batch of our special formula.

To our amazement, year after year our family never had to make regular doctor visits for any seasonal sicknesses!

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