Refresh, Rehydrate, and Recharge with these  Electrolyte Fitness Gummies!

Made with natural coconut water and packed with essential electrolytes. 

Herbaland Naturals is a Canadian company that focuses on providing the tastiest, cleanest, and highest quality gummies for everyone! They find the highest quality, and most sustainable ingredients. Herbaland values inclusivity, which means that the majority of their products are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, free from major allergens, and have low to no sugar, making them accessible for all. Sustainability is also one of their core values, which is why they use an innovative eco-forming technology to produce gummies and use 100% compostable packaging for all  pouched products!  

These  Electrolyte Fitness Gummies are a part of their fitness supplement line to help everyone achieve their fitness goals in a fun, tasty, and convenient way!

 Maintaining hydration is essential when exercising, which is why  electrolyte gummies are great to help refuel and replenish after a workout! These gummies are made with natural ingredients to help maintain fluid balance, relax your muscles and prevent cramping! Get the best effects from these gummies by consuming one 50g pouch with water. 

“Our goal is to make nutrition fun, simple, and accessible for all.”

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