Coconut Cocoa Bar

As clean as a bar can be! Hungry Buddha Bars are a great post-workout pick-me-up, perfect for a mid-day snack, or any time you need a healthy bite on-the-go.

  • Plant-Powered – Up to 10g of pea protein
  • Clean – No GMOs, gluten, palm oils, artificial sweeteners, dairy & soy
  • MCT Oil – Healthy fats & sustained energy
  • Allergen-Friendly – Free from peanuts & gluten

Made with one of our favorite superfoods, the coconut, our Hungry Buddha Coconut Cocoa Bar has a rich chocolaty taste and a hint of coconut goodness. It also has coconut flakes that will spark your taste buds when you tear into this Coconut Cocoa Bar. 

At Buddha Brands, we believe snacks should be powered by clean ingredients and not sugar. 

That’s why we purposefully craft plant based snacks that are packed with protein, low in added sugar, with nothing artificial and always deliciously clean. 

We are on a mission to redefine what it means to live well by making snack time better-for-you. 


A Passion for Positive Change

Constantly forging forward on their own journeys to wellness, the Buddha Brands team knows that everyone has a unique path – that making Mindfully Better choices means getting one step closer to the best versions of themselves. Buddha Brands makes products for people who are choosing to take a step towards their better and best selves, and who are inspired by brands that align with their values.

We know you’re going to love this bar as much as we do!

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