Hungry Buddha has created yet another delectable flavor of their keto bars. 

It will satisfy your chocolate craving while tying in the mint flavor for a delicious combination. 

These Buddha Bars are as clean as a bar can be.Hungry Buddha pars are a great post-workout , pick-me-up, or any time you need a healthy bite on the go.

These bars are powered with healthy fats, plant-based protein, low sugar and high in fiber. These are the ingredients your body will thank you for choosing. 

What You Can Find in Every Bar

  • Plant-Powered -Up to 10g of pea protein
  • Clean– No GMO’s , gluten, palm oils, artificial sweeteners, dairy, and soy
  • MCT Oil – healthy fats and sustained energy
  • Allergen-Friendly – Free from peanuts and gluten

HUNGRY Buddha has a passion for positive change. They are constantly forging forward on their own journeys to wellness, the Buddha Brands team knows that everyone has a unique path-that making mindfully better choices means getting one step closer to the best version of themselves. Buddha Brands makes products for people who are choosing to take a step towards their better and best selves, and who are inspired by brands that align with their values.

To purchase, visit www.BuddhaBrands.com and use code fitsnack20 for discount.