This classic tale of beef jerky starts in downtown Los Angeles, in 1929. A man with little more than a motive and his craft decided to open a small shop. People’s Old Market, which later would become known as People’s Choice Beef Jerky. John Bianchetti imagined a company built on honesty and hard work, with the purpose of crafting quality beef jerky. Every cut was carefully taken through a curing process free of preservatives and made with only simple seasonings – some recipes dating back to the 1920’s.


At People’s Choice Beef Jerky the saying goes; “Business comes and goes. New products replace old ones, but relationships are the currency of sustainable success.” – John Bianchetti

A philosophy that carried over four generations from John Bianchetti to son Paul Bianchetti, then from Mark Bianchetti and now to his son Brian Bianchetti. Their philosophy is a huge part of what makes them great. They have employees who have been crafting each batch for over twenty years.

“I feel as though this jerky is made in my own kitchen with the perfect flavor. Each bite is a reminder that the best tastes are timeless.”–Rose Muniz, Fit Snack Founder

Though the process has remained the same, People’s Choice Beef Jerky continues to surprise us by releasing some of the best new flavors on the market. Beyond their three original flavors (Hot and Spicy, Teriyaki and Original) their Carne Seca line includes three rich flavors (Carne Seca Limon, Carne Seca Limon Con Chile, Machaca). Finally, their tasting Kitchen has everything from Siracha and Garlic Ginger to Maple Brown Sugar, just to name a few.


These flavors come together in their Jerky Boxes. The People’s Choice Beef Jerky boxes are important because there’s no way you can have just one bag or just one flavor. After trying them all, you fall in love with their process and high quality beef jerky.

Peoples choice beef jerky

Healthy lean protein makes us happy!