Are you ready to experience the clean and vivid energy from 100% pure and unsweetened authentic Japanese matcha? These Rishis Botanical Matcha tea sticks give you the convenience to enjoy this anywhere. Each single serve stick pack contains a full 2.0g of premium stone milled Japanese Matcha. 

Since 2006, Rishi has partnered with pioneering organic tea farmers in the volcanic region of Kirishima, Japan to source exclusive cultivars of super premium organic matcha that we can custom blend for balance and energy.

Let’s Talk Benefits.

We have all heard about the matcha latte and how great it is for you. But have you really looked into why? Let’s break it down. Matcha tea contains natural phytonutrients that are great for your immune system and overall health. It is also an anti-inflammatory because of the amino acids. These amino acids can contribute to a healthy body. The amino acid, L-Theanine has positive effects on both mental and physical stress. 

Lets Talk Preparation

Bringing your water to a boil is a must, however don’t add your tea just yet.

If you add your tea right after you bring it to a boil, you risk burning the tea. Let your water cool for a minute, then add your tea for the perfect cup of Matcha.

Now, what you add next is completely up to you. You can add a little sweetener, milk, ice, or just enjoy it on its own. Each serving contains 54 mg of caffeine.

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