Combining natural flavors with the immense health benefits of ginger, every soft, chewy bite of our Ginger Chews will satisfy your ginger craving. Equal parts sweet and spicy, these mouth-watering delights are made with natural ingredients. Each Chew is individually wrapped for your convenience. Whether at home or on the go, simply unwrap, chew and enjoy to instantly warm the senses or comfort the stomach. Try them in Original, Lemon, Lychee, Mango and Mandarin Orange!

Snack on ginger, feel better. Here are a few reasons why you will want to have your Prince of Peace Ginger Chews On Hand?

The benefits of ginger:

  • Ginger not only helps you feel better, it actually enhances your health. There is a substance in ginger, called zingerone. Zingerone binds to pain receptors, which in turn reduces digestive discomfort and is thought to reduce nausea and more. 
  • Ginger can reduce nausea in pregnancy and in general. In people undergoing chemotherapy or post surgery it has been shown to not only reduce nausea, but also improve quality of life and decrease fatigue. 
  • Unlike using drugs for indigestion (Heartburn) using ginger may actually enhance your nutrient absorption (iron, zinc, calcium etc). 
  • Ginger may reduce stomach ulcers. Studies on rats show ginger essential oil improved stomach ulcers by reducing erosion, cell death and bleeding of the stomach wall. 
  • Ginger is best eaten after a meal, especially if there is a food that does not agree with you. 

Ginger has many health benefits ranging from digestive benefits to simply enhancing your health and vitality. Next time you need a tasty and healthy snack reach in your Fit Snack box for a Ginger Chew. 

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