Oberto has delivered Fit Snack some high quality beef jerky in their very low fat, all natural, GF treat with no added MSG – this list goes to show how much needs to be excluded to make a tasty and healthy jerky. It is clear they are committed to offering a high quality product bringing me to my next point, the incredible flavor.

Eating the original Oberto Jerky you can taste the natural flavors of the high quality ingredients. If the original jerky tastes this great I can’t imagine how the rest of the jerky flavors taste. They have an array of options from Spicy Sweet to their Teriyaki Turkey Jerky.

Another interesting nutritional point about this snack is the high protein content, protein is unique in that it can support your weight loss goals and your muscle gaining goals. In the U.S. the recommended intake for women over age 19 is 46 grams and 56 grams for men. So the original Oberto Jerky in your fit snack, ladies, is providing you almost a quarter of your protein needs for the day, and since it is an animal product you are getting all of your amino acids too.

This protein powered snack can be appreciated after any workout. As the Oberto slogan says “You get what you put in.” Fitting especially for a company sponsoring the Tough Mudder.