7 Grams of Protein Free of Nitrates, Gluten, Soy, Keto and Paleo Friendly. 100% Kosher Angus Beef. 

Real Snacks are 100% Angus Beef. Contains 7 grams of protein, are very low carb, and have a short, understandable, and clean ingredients list. Our snacks are KETO friendly, Kosher, we do not use flavoring, and there is no added sugar.

Garlic & Herb Flavor profile: Bold, pungent, bright Pretty sure if you prodded the Garlic & Herb with battery cables you could power a light bulb, but we recommend that you just eat it. This variety is a lively blend of ingredients that could serve as your afternoon pick-me-up. When coming up with Garlic & Herb, we tried various combinations before landing on paprika and fennel, exclaiming, “it’s alive!” We can’t promise that Garlic & Herb will turn your Monday into a Friday, but it will come close.


No Bullshit. Real Snack prides themselves on being able to provide their customers with clean, delicious, healthy, and accessible protein. At a price you can afford, and with branding that makes you proud to buy. Real Snacks work hard to maintain the highest quality standards. Product comes first for us, and great just isn’t good enough for Real Snacks


Real Snacks only use 100% USA beef, blended with Real ingredients. Real Snacks never use fillers, chemicals, or artificial curing agents. You’ll find a lot of these things in other snacks. Don’t compromise on the quality of your snacks!


At Real Snacks, they only use clean ingredients. Things that you’ll recognize on our ingredients label. They use real spice blends and other ingredients like real pieces of Jalapeno that you can actually see while you’re enjoying. Not only is it better for you, but it tastes better, as well.


You’ve heard all the buzzwords. Here’s why they’re important. Real Beef (100% Angus) delivers high-quality protein that’s easily integrated in your body. We don’t add any sugar, and our products are all Low Calorie so that you can indulge without guilt. And our Kosher certification allows us to prove, without a doubt, that our cleanliness stands up to the highest standards.

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